One of the simplest (and quickest) ways to drop your open water swim times and reduce your effort substantially is learning to sight forward without interrupting stroke rhythm and/or losing valuable forward momentum.
Open water season is approaching (In SoCal it’s really never left us this year) and with it the need to refine your sighting skills.  One of the easiest ways to improve your open water performance is by improving your ability to stay on a course.  However, sighting well and swimming straighter in open water are often mistaken with sighting forward more frequently and having the target in complete focus.
Although it’s important to swim the shortest distance possible, swimmers shouldn’t do so at the expense of sighting forward every four to six strokes. Swimmers who drift left or right after a few strokes shouldn’t compensate by sighting more to course correct. Instead, find out what is causing this quick drift.  Click Here to read more of this post …
Here’s a demo of the “quick peek” (sighting forward) without interrupting stroke rhythm and losing forward momentum, select this link: Open Water Sighting Demo
Coach Stuart