Stuart McDougal
United States, Southern California
USMS Level III Coach and Total Immersion Certified Professional. Co-founder of Mind Body and Swim ( and Head Coach of SoCal Tri Masters, Los Angeles, CA. Senior Software Engineer by day and swim coach mornings, eves and almost every weekend. Before finding his love for swimming, Stuart grew up playing ice hockey in SoCal and racing motorcycles in the deserts of CA and NV. Swim parent for 10 years, he didn't discover swimming until his daughter entered into triathlon in 2003 swim leg of relay team - and they've both been hooked ever since. Swimming was always a struggle, incredibly exhausting, says Stuart - but sure loved the start of the swim leg in triathlon, much like the start of a desert race. After many swim lessons with little progress, it was finding the book "Easy Freestyle" by Terry Laughlin in 2006 that completely changed his perception of swimming - no longer thinking of swimming as absolute power and strength, but as a high skill acquired through mindful practice. "Swimming became fun AND fast - no longer exhausting, and I just got better and better." Stuart turned TI Coach in 2010, directs workshops all over CA and in Las Vegas, and you will find him every night on deck (and often in the water with his squad) at So Cal Tri Masters. Although there's still a love for triathlon, he enjoys long swims in San Francisco Bay, 10k distances and above - and most recently swam on a relay team called the TI 6 (six Total Immersion Coaches) crossing the English Channel August 15, 2014. Look for Stuart to do his first solo crossing of the Catalina Channel in 2015!

High Turnover vs. The Right Turnover

Conventional wisdom tells us that faster freestyle turnover equals faster speed. If only it were that easy! This might be true for our terrestrial counterparts, runners, but water is about 800 times denser than air. That added resistance means the …

Kick Timing 101: Two-, Four, and Six-Beat Kick

Kick timing is an important but often-overlooked aspect of freestyle. But when your swimmers discover the right kick timing connected to hip rotation, they can tap into previously unavailable core power to drive themselves forward faster with far less effort.…

Breathing, It’s Overrated!

The most frequent request I get from swimmers is: “I just want to be able to breathe easy”.  This is for good reason, since clearly if you rotate to breathe and inhale more water than air this will completely interrupt …

Dropping Elbow at Forward Extension

A common problem and one not difficult to correct is the dropping elbow as lead arm extends forward. The hand scoops or rises to surface, elbow drops, torso begins to sink – leaving swimmer with no purchase, little leverage and

Wetsuits: Friend or Foe?

 I swam into this fascinating paradox early last year when passing through San Francisco and stopped by my favorite swimming hole at Aquatic Park to go for a short cold water swim.


The water temp that day a balmy

The Sinker and the Snorkel

Sounds like a book title and I think I could probably write much on the subject(s) in the future :-)

Many coaches have come across “the sinker”, and I certainly have had my share.  The sinker has less buoyancy than the