Todd Erickson
South Central Texas, San Antonio
Todd’s philosophy is to help anyone learn to swim more efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly so that all may have the life skill of swimming because swimming is life.  Todd wants you to enjoy the experience of swimming as much as he does.  As they say, if you’ve seen one swimmer….you’ve only seen one swimmer.  Todd’s coaching is geared to the specific needs of the individual. Triathletes benefit from Todd’s ability to refine their swimming skills to conserve energy in swimming for later use in the bike or run without losing time in the water.  Todd will help you develop and enhance your skills to become a smarter, more efficient, more relaxed swimmer.  Todd is a 20 year veteran of the USAF with a B.S. in Physical Education.  He began competitive swimming at age 5 and has been involved throughout his life in both pleasure and competitive swimming, triathlons and coaching.   Todd has experience in individual coaching, coaching high school swimming and water polo, youth swim team clubs and summer league teams.  Todd remains personally active in US Masters Swimming and has been a member of several Top Ten Relay Teams.  Todd has incorporated TI drills and techniques into his coaching and his own swimming since 1997.  Todd is a certified TI coach since 2010 and Level 4 ASCA coach since 1998.Website:

TI6 – Dover Day 7 – D-Day

WARNING!!!  This is a long post based on my observations and recollections of the our TI6 Coaches Channel Relay team on D-Day where we actually swam the channel.  I will do an epilogue post with my reflections of the entire …

8 Bridges Swim – Stage 3 – Swim Report

My Swim Report – Stage 3 – 8 Bridges 17 June 2013

This quasi race/swim/event report is long overdue.  Hardly seems like it was now just over six weeks ago.  This stage was 13.2 miles down the Hudson River, Poughkeepsie …

“When is it going to feel effortless?”