Shane Eversfield
New York based, worldwide
 Total Immersion Master Coach, Triathlon Specialist   Founder, Head Coach of Zendurance Cycling.  Author of “Zendurance” and several articles in triathlete magazines.   Currently Shane offers private instruction at the Total Immersion Swim Studio in New Paltz, NY and in Ithaca, NY.  His specialty is advanced freestyle stroke analysis and propulsion.  At the Swim Studio he uses video analysis extensively.   He works with triathletes and distance swimmers of all levels from novice to pro and elite – privately and in clinics.  He has trained TI coaches in the US and Europe.   As an avid triathlete, Shane constantly researches, develops and applies his expertise “in the field”, racing triathlons of all distances.  He consistently ranks high in USAT Age Group National Rankings – All American in 2008, 2010.  He is a 2-time Hawaii Ironman finisher, as well as Hawaii Ultraman World Championship (2006), ITU Long Course World Championships (2008, 2010), Virginia Double Irons (2007, 2010) and Virginia Triple Iron (2012).  At age 50, his swim times for iron: 1:00:42, for half-iron: 27:04.   Shane is also available to lead performance and technique oriented weekend workshops that combine Total Immersion Swim and Zendurance Cycling.  He offers bike fitting services for road and triathlon through Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company, in conjunction with Cayuga Sports Medicine Clinic – in Ithaca, NY.   See Shane swim here!  For a more detailed bio and race highlights, go here.   For his teaching and clinic calendar, go here.

Secrets of Buoyancy

Secrets of Buoyancy


When I try to swim, I sink like a rock.”  This is a standard resignation that can close the door to the possibility of effortless swimming for many people.  It simply does not have …

The Swimmer’s Dilemma


Every endurance sport has its specific “dilemma” – or challenge – to solve if you want to maximize your efficiency.  And in each sport that dilemma involves your relationship with gravity.  In this discussion, I will

The Cyclist’s Dilemma

The Cyclist’s Dilemma



Every endurance sport has its specific “dilemma” – or challenge – to solve if you want to maximize your efficiency.  And in each sport that dilemma involves your relationship with gravity.  In

2012 Triple Ultra 8



 All of the Journal Entries for the 2012 Triple Ultra have now been compiled with the Event Recaps into a 167-page PDF e-Book, available for $4.99.  Ten percent of the profit from the sale of each book goes …

2012 Triple Ultra 1

2012 Triple Ultra  

Entry 1:  Introduction


My intention with this journal/blog is to offer aspiring athletes some insight into training and “racing” multi-day ultra-distance triathlons.  I put “racing” in quotes, because my primary objective is to finish

Earth Changes and Athletic Life

Earth Changes and Athletic Life

These are challenging and exciting times.  We are experiencing many changes – economically and ecologically:  Domestically in the US: Mortgage meltdowns, government bail-outs, rising unemployment, and a gargantuan oil spill.   Internationally:  

Training by Feel Part II


Note:  The First installment of this series appeared here in late January. 

The Articulate Dialogue Between Body and Brain

Matt Fitzgerald has travelled the world seeking knowledge from sports physiologists, coaches and elite runners on training.  In

Tri 101: Riding Indoors

Triathlon 101: Biking Indoors

For those of us who live in the Great White North, cycling is often relegated to the indoor stationary trainer in the winter.  (And it’s been a great white winter in the northeast.  No

Training by Feel Part I


In the pursuit of athletic excellence, the most advanced and meticulously crafted training programs cannot provide guidance as accurate and appropriate as intuition and the pursuit of enjoyment and confidence.  

I just finished reading Matt Fitzgerald‘s