2012 Triple Ultra  

Entry 1:  Introduction


My intention with this journal/blog is to offer aspiring athletes some insight into training and “racing” multi-day ultra-distance triathlons.  I put “racing” in quotes, because my primary objective is to finish gracefully, with minimal residual damage to my body.  I enjoy triathlon as a daily life practice, and I and want to resume the practice without injury-induced delays.

And the BIG Picture?  I want to live a long and full life, with a graceful finish.


Ah, The Big Question:

 Well Shane, what ultra-madness do you plan on doing this fall?


The Lofty Answer:

 I am looking at three multi-day events over a 30-day period.  The first two are “stage races”.  Each day has a fixed format.  The third event is continuous.  Needless to say, I do need to finish at least the first two events gracefully, with minimal damage to my body, if I am going to start the third.


The Line-up:

08-09 September: Shawangunk Double

 – Day 1: American Zofingen Long Course Duathlon:  84 miles of cycling with 8-9,000 feet of climbing, 20 miles of trail running with 2,400 feet of climbing.  I will do this event self–supported (not an official race) in the traditional format: 5M run, 84M bike, 15M run.

 - Day 2:  Survival of the Shawangunks:  30 miles of cycling, 19 miles of running, 2.1 miles of swimming.  This event is done as a bike/run/swim/run/swim/run/swim/run.


20-22 September: Trans Mass Ultra

(This will be an inaugural event – a prototype for an organized event in 2013.  I will do this with support and accompaniment as a “research project”.)  It follows a traditional Ultraman format, but is not an Ultraman branded event.

  - Day 1: 6.2 mile swim, 90 mile bike

 – Day 2: 171 mile bike

 – Day 3: 52.4 mile run 


05-07 October: Virginia Triple Iron

Days 1-3: 7.8 mile swim, 336 mile bike, 78.2 mile run.  This event is non-stop, with a 60-hour time limit.


I will offer more information on each event in future entries.  If you wish to read more right now:

 – Shawangunk Double 2011 Blog

 – Ultraman Hawaii 2006 Summary

 – Virginia Double 2007 Summary

 – Virginia Double 2010 Summary


Crazy, Stupid or Just Plain Arrogant?

At 55 years young, I am not so arrogant to state at this time that I will succeed at completing this goal.  I admit that this is, for me, a radical, daunting undertaking.  I am embracing lots of uncertainty personally and publically in setting this goal. 

I am however certain that this endeavor will succeed as an investigation into the effectiveness and refinement of zendurance training techniques and a zendurance approach to training, racing and living. 

It’s important to live in the question, and not rush to the shelter of answers.

We live in a culture that abhors uncertainty.  We invest ridiculous amounts of money and energy attempting to create security and certainty in our lives.  That’s an illusion.  Our capacity to embrace uncertainty and disengage from the fears we associate with uncertainty is vital to living functional, rich, rewarding lives – that are valuable and serve others as well.

Journal Parameters

This series of entries will cover my adaptation from Olympic and half-iron distance training to multi-day ultra preparation.  The shift from the first to the second began 19 August – the day after I competed in USAT’s Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship in Burlington, VT.


The first series of entries will describe:

 -          A brief discussion of zendurance as an approach to training and racing – one that focuses more on neuro-muscular training than energy system training.

-          A summary of my training and racing season so far this year

-          The principles and strategies I use in my training and racing day-to-day

-          My strategy for making the rapid transition from graceful short-course speed focused racing to graceful multi-day ultra-endurance focused “racing”.

-          Specifics on my goals and the events I have planned for the Sept-Oct 2012 autumn ultra season.

Subsequent entries will journal the specifics of my training and preparation.  These entries will provide clear illustrations of how zendurance training principles and kinetic intelligence play into my craft.


The remaining thirteen Journal Entries and the three Event Recaps.of the 2012 Triplle Ultra have now been compiled in a 162-page PDF e-Book.  For more info on the e-Book, use this link.


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