Shane Eversfield
New York based, worldwide
 Total Immersion Master Coach, Triathlon Specialist   Founder, Head Coach of Zendurance Cycling.  Author of “Zendurance” and several articles in triathlete magazines.   Currently Shane offers private instruction at the Total Immersion Swim Studio in New Paltz, NY and in Ithaca, NY.  His specialty is advanced freestyle stroke analysis and propulsion.  At the Swim Studio he uses video analysis extensively.   He works with triathletes and distance swimmers of all levels from novice to pro and elite – privately and in clinics.  He has trained TI coaches in the US and Europe.   As an avid triathlete, Shane constantly researches, develops and applies his expertise “in the field”, racing triathlons of all distances.  He consistently ranks high in USAT Age Group National Rankings – All American in 2008, 2010.  He is a 2-time Hawaii Ironman finisher, as well as Hawaii Ultraman World Championship (2006), ITU Long Course World Championships (2008, 2010), Virginia Double Irons (2007, 2010) and Virginia Triple Iron (2012).  At age 50, his swim times for iron: 1:00:42, for half-iron: 27:04.   Shane is also available to lead performance and technique oriented weekend workshops that combine Total Immersion Swim and Zendurance Cycling.  He offers bike fitting services for road and triathlon through Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company, in conjunction with Cayuga Sports Medicine Clinic – in Ithaca, NY.   See Shane swim here!  For a more detailed bio and race highlights, go here.   For his teaching and clinic calendar, go here.

Rapid Healing

It has been 28 days since I rolled my car on to its roof.  I walked away with 5 fractures – 2 to my left clavicle, as well as my sternum, a rib and my left wrist.  During

Balance is Profound!

Balance is Profound!

Going Deep Part II

In the "Going Deep" blog, I summarized and examined some of the deep philosophical tenets and similarities between Total Immersion Swimming and ancient forms of "body-mind" practice like yoga and T’ai …

Going Deep: TI Coach Summit


First, "BIG PROPS" to TI Master Coach Dave Cameron for producing an excellent Coaches Summit in Minneapolis, and to the Minneapolis YWCA for hosting it.  Our summit – held 30 September through 03 October – included roundtable discussions, as …

Race Pace Strategy


Recently I competed at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Long Course World Championship Triathlon, in Immenstadt Germany. ITU uses a "Triple Olympic" (a.k.a. "O3") format for long course: a 4-kilometer swim, 120-kilometer …

Can Racing Save the World?


Those Who Do And Those Who Don’t

There is a distinction among avid endurance athletes: those who race and those who don’t. We who choose not to race will cite our disinterest and even disillusionment …

Tao Of Triathlon

Tao of Triathlon

Movement patterns profoundly affect the brain’s function. Case in point: I practice T’ai Chi daily. Using a book briefly in the beginning to "estimate the basics", I have continued to practice and refine the movements on my …

TI Swimming and Wetsuits

TI Swimming and Wetsuits

As Total Immersion Swimmers, balance and streamlined body position are primary goals of our diligent practice towards efficient swimming. A result of this practice is getting our legs and torso horizontal – what we refer to …

Putting on Your Wetsuit



Note: This essay originally appeared in late in Fall 2007 on Triathlete Magazine website.


You go to your favorite triathlon store or website. With your precious hard-earned money, you …

Totally Immersed: Beyond Swimming Part 2

Recently, I discussed the impact of approach as a powerful determinant in the quality of your experience when you train. In that blog, I identified characteristics of your approach to each training session that ensure a quality experience and an …