You express a wish for my recovery in your message. While the chances for recovery in a physical sense are pretty slim, and perhaps far off, I’ve experienced striking emotional recovery since last spring.  After learning that my cancer was at the upper end of aggressive, I experienced anxiety every day and several instances of extreme anxiety. This compounded itself because anxiety would cause my blood pressure to spike to dangerous levels, and this made me fear a recurrence of a small stroke I’d had in early April. At that time I was struggling every day with the after-effects of the stroke–blurred vision and unsteadiness on my feet.
Today I feel dramatically different. Though the cancer, and its effects, have progressed considerably, I’m fully recovered from the effects of the stroke and I wake early every morning excited and with a sense of high purpose about the potential of the day ahead to focus on family, work and swimming. I continue to have galvanizing goals for my swimming and I’m happy to say I experience relatively little anxiety or depression, compared to how I felt in the initial stages.
I’m really looking forward to going to St John for our annual OW camp. I leave in less than two weeks. After I return, I’ll be home for a week for treatment, then go to Barcelona and Alicante Spain for two weeks. Barcelona for three days, simply because I really want to visit. Alicante for 10 days for three coach training courses with some time off between them.