Terry Laughlin

How Efficient Is Your Freestyle?


If you regularly read my posts you’re probably aware of the DARPA study which showed that human swimmers are only 3% efficient–as compared to the 80% efficiency of dolphins.  (I.E. Dolphins convert 80% of energy expenditures into forward motion; in …

Can you swim an EASY Butterfly? Part 1 of 3

London 2012 Olympic Champion Dana Vollmer

What is Easy Fly?

Easy Fly is a specialized way to learn and swim butterfly, refined by Total Immersion over the past 12 years. and designed to allow swimmers of any age or athletic ability to learn a smooth, relaxing …

Guest Post: Swimming Nevis to St Kitts the TI Way

Jim Nostrum comes ashore on St. Kitts after swimming from Nevis in the background.

Our regular mid-week guest post comes from Jim Nystrom who recounts how he progressed, in just three months, from being able to swim  100 yards of continuous freestyle to an almost effortless 2.4-mile swim from the island of Nevis to

Podcast on Bilateral Breathing

This week, our mid-week post is a podcast I recently recorded with Rich Soares of Mile High Endurance on the topic of bilateral breathing.

Our interview begins at the 25:00 mark of this audio file.


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.04.15 AM


Rich and I …

Do you exhale from mouth or nose?

Just as  I do on the right.
Last week I received an email question about whether I exhale from my nose or mouth. That choice now comes so naturally to me that it’s no longer something I do consciously while swimming. However I’m sure there are enough