Terry Laughlin

What’s your favorite stroke? All of them!

66 y.o. TI Founder Terry Laughlin

I imagine that the vast majority of TI enthusiasts swim only, or mainly freestyle. In this post, I make the case for becoming a well-rounded, even complete, swimmer.

I’ve been a distance swimmer since the summer of 1964 when—at …

What book do I recommend most often, and why?

I was recently invited to contribute to a book that will be published at year end. I was asked to select from a list of questions and answer thoughtfully. I selected four questions to answer. The first I chose was

Does Katie Ledecky Swim TI Style?



Katie Ledecky has has had a busy week at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Budapest, which conclude this weekend.   So far she has won four gold medals, in the 400m and 1500m freestyles plus the 4 x …