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(Terry demos for student Sarah and Tim Ferriss on “The Tim Ferriss Experiment” in 2014)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or the blog of NY Times bestselling author and life hack/productivity guru Tim Ferriss, you already know that Tim and Terry became friends after Tim conquered a life-long fear of swimming in 2008 using T.I. techniques. He devoted a chapter of “The 4-Hour Body” to Total Immersion technique and even included T.I. in “The 4-Hour Chef” book as an exemplar of logically sequencing complex skills into a simple progression. In addition, Tim’s podcast with Terry in Oct. 2017– entitled “The Master Who Changed My Life”– was the last long-form interview Terry gave before his passing, a couple weeks later. In the intro to the podcast, Tim writes: “He had a profound impact on me — teaching me to overcome a lifelong fear of water and swimming (read all about it here). But more than that, he’s been an inspiration for the way I’ve done anything since.”     

Chapter on Terry in Tim’s newest bestseller: “Tribe of Mentors”

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Tim’s new #1 NYT Business Bestseller and #1 Advice/How-To Bestseller– “Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World”– also features a chapter on Terry. We here at T.I. operations had intended to announce his inclusion in the book last autumn, but it got lost in the shuffle since it was published very soon after Terry’s passing. We’re happy to finally announce it here! Below is Tim’s description of the book…Check it out!

Tribe of Mentors, my newest book, shares short, tactical life advice from 100+ world-class performers. Many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book. The tips and strategies in ‘Tribe of Mentors’ have already changed my life, and I hope the same for you.”


Available to view FREE:

Terry teaching swimming on “The Tim Ferriss Experiment” (2014)

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We’re also delighted and appreciative to share that Tim and his team posted the full episode of Terry teaching open water swimming (in 2014) on the show “The Tim Ferriss Experiment.” It was previously only available for purchase on iTunes (and you can still buy it there for $1.99 if you want a permanent copy). This peek into a series of T.I. lessons is available to view for FREE on the Facebook page for the show– follow the link HERE. The 22 minute episode features Terry teaching a fearful swimmer how to swim, with the T.I. approach of deconstructing the stroke into building-block “micro-skills”– and swimming in open ocean within 5 days!

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(L-R: Tim, Terry, and Sarah on “The Tim Ferriss Experiment”)

Here’s the episode description:

“Tim and Terry Laughlin head to the tropics to take a fearful fan (Sarah) from zero to hero in record time. She can’t swim a single lap in a pool. Can they get her to long-distance swimming in the open ocean in less than one week? They’ll need all the tools in the toolkit.” #facingfears

To watch a short preview of the episode, check out the trailer on YouTube.

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