Most of you that are into Total Immersion are aware that having underwater video of your swim stroke is invaluable for improving your swimming. All the TI coaches that I know offer underwater video as part of their lessons to show students what they look like when they are swimming and to point out the things that they talk about in the lessons. It truly is an excellent tool for any swimmer that wants to learn to swim better and especially those that want to learn to swim the TI way.

 However, most swimmers don’t have the equipment to take underwater video. This is very unfortunate because a lot of TI coaches offer video analysis via the internet (including myself) and the many helpful swimmers on the TI forums can do a lot more to help you if they have a video to work with.

In light of that fact, I wanted to write a quick blog to share with you the low cost camera that I use to take video of my clients. The camera is called the Kodak Playsport ZX3. I have had the camera for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it. It is very small, easy to use, takes HD video, and it has an underwater mode that filters the blue color out of the video. I can’t say enough about it…

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