Terry Laughlin

Does Katie Ledecky Swim with TI Technique?



We often hear the question: “Does [insert the name of a prominent elite swimmer] swim with TI Technique?”

We always answer: “We take no credit for the technique of [prominent elite swimmer]. They learned it from their various …

Can a change in technique change YOU?

To swim efficiently, you must master Balance first. I’d go so far as to call it non-negotiable. But the effect of learning Balance can be much more far-reaching. It certainly was for me.

In September 1988, I met Bill …

Should you quantify performance?

In response to my post about appearing on the Mile High Endurance podcast, Marcus posted this comment: I enjoyed this podcast. It was very informative. It made me think about my reluctance to quantify my performance either with gauging how

Mind-Body Training: Self-Sensing and Technique Focal Points

Elite athletes appear different—physically–from the rest of us; they seem to have been ‘born to greatness.’ For instance, the world’s best freestylers are much taller than average, with supple joints and broad shoulders/narrow hips. Their bodies seem designed to maximize …

Guest Post: Shane Eversfield (aka Zenman)

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Introduction: In this guest post and video, Shane Eversfield describes lessons he learned–from his first Ironman–about the importance of focusing on process, one stroke or stride at a time, not the far-away finish line. Three years later I learned the