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Year End Blog

You express a wish for my recovery in your message. While the chances for recovery in a physical sense are pretty slim, and perhaps far off, I’ve experienced striking emotional recovery since last spring.  After learning that my cancer was …

Dreams Never Die

Two months ago, a letter arrived in the mail, It began “Dear Terry, I want to thank you for helping me to achieve one of my dreams.” and went on to tell a memorable–and cautionary–story of a decades-long pursuit of

Want to Swim Faster? Don’t Close Your Fingers

This is how a 10-degree separation looks.

Should you keep your fingers closed or relax your hand while swimming to allow them to separate a bit? Many non-TI instructors and coaches say—and most swimmers seem to believe—that you achieve the best grip with fingers closed because that …

Swim for Health and Vitality: A ‘Miraculous’ Swim

Leaving Eilat at 5:40 am before sunrise

A reader suggested I consider renaming my Zero Cancer blogs with a heading that’s an affirmation. I liked his suggestion, so henceforth I will publish occasional posts under the Health and Vitality heading. These will report on empowering swim experiences