TI Open Water Experience:
Kailua-Kona, HI - 
March 12-16, 2020

TUITION:  $1,595 - Early Bird Registration – Before January 10th$1,695 January 11th or later. 

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 20th, 2020 to allow time for airline and hotel bookings.  *At least 5 people are needed to run this workshop. Please do not make your hotel or air travel reservations until we know we have met our quota.  Feel free to contact denise@totalimmersion.net to inquire.

COACHES: A great opportunity to work with TI Master Coach Celeste St. Pierre. Celeste is a seasoned triathlete and athlete. She is known for professional manner and a great understanding for how people learn. She has had a lot of experience with her own training over the years using her insight and introspection to give her a greater understanding of how to present information to a variety of people - with a special twist of humor when needed! 

       •  Expert swim instruction and video analysis
       •  Swim manual, TI gift, and logo cap
       •  Transportation to field trip site.
       •  Great memories and long lasting friendships!

Kailua-Kona offers some of the best open water swimming in Hawaii.  Join us for this beginner to intermediate swim camp. The purpose of this camp is to introduce pool swimmers to open water, whether to prepare for your first triathlon or to gain the comfort and confidence to enjoy vacations at the shore.  We will be swimming twice a day in the beautiful blue waters of the Big Island in the quiet town of Kailua- Kona.  Use this time to introduce yourself to open water with a supportive group of swimmers and well experienced coaches.  Each day will include one session on skills and some technique drills and a second session will be an open water swim that will gradually extend as the week progresses.  Each swim session will also include instruction and focal points to help develop a better understanding of swim training. The philosophy here is Kaizen swimming—continuous improvement, by setting your intention at getting better with at least one swim skill by the end of each swim session.  We recognize that nothing is ever perfect, but we will stretch your limits a bit further each day to help build your confidence as you continue to work on your stroke with stroke thoughts.  You will deliberately chose to swim with purpose — to be a better swimmer.  By being better at swimming skills, balance, streamline and propulsion, you have then learned the ability to swim with ease.