TI Coach Director Training

August 16-17, 2018 in Abingdon, Oxford, UK



Date: August 16-17, 2018

Location: Abingdon Sports Centre/Abingdon Sports & Leisure: Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK  OX14 1BQ, Tel: 01235 849 062

Tuition: $1,000 USD

Registration: This event is for TI Certified Coaches only. There is an application process for this training. Once the application is completed and accepted, you will be sent a link to register. Click here 


*Licensed instructors receive 10% off tuition.


This course will:

      • Familiarize directors with the content and expectations of the core workshops of TI

      • Offer training in customer service and marketing for pre-workshop client recruitment

      • Offer access to centralized workshop marketing materials that can be customized to each director's needs

      • Train directors in staff and client management to improve ability to handle larger workshops

      • Improve time management and planning for workshops

      • Prepare directors with tools to find new pools and maintain facility relationships

      • Guide directors in partnering with new local groups, outreach, and even scholarship efforts for media coverage and promotion


Post Course Requirements

      • 6-8 Co-directing with qualified Director of each required level of qualification.


Prerequisites for Taking Director Training

      • Assisted at a minimum of 3 TI Central approved Workshops relevant to the Director Level you wish to train for. 

      • Send in a Coach's Eye recording of 7 video analysis performed in a row ensuring each student receives the same amount of time. 

      • Maintain the TI License Agreement currently, or by the time you plan to offer your first workshop.


Cancellation policy

Tuition includes a $350 non refundable deposit. You may cancel participation in this course if you give at least 3 weeks notice. If proper notice is given, you may receive a refund, less $350. You may transfer your $350 deposit to a future event within one year. If less than 3 weeks notice is given for a cancellation you forfeit tuition. 


Hotel Recommendations

Check THIS LINK to see some suggestions for lodging near the Abingdon Sports Centre.