• Title: Fast Forward Coach Training: Alicante, Spain
  • When: 02.23.2018 - 02.25.2018
  • Where: NaturaSport - Alicante
  • Category: Coach Training


Fast Forward Coach Training
23-25 February 2018: Alicante Spain

Registration: Email Angela at angela@totalimmersion.net
Tuition: for non licensed coaches: $1,500 USD 
Tuition for Licensed coaches:  $1,350 USD
*To receive the discount, enter the Event Discount Code found in the License section of the Academy. 

In this course you will learn the latest TI methodology for training clients to achieve objectively measurable and personally meaningful goals. Where TI Level 1 training teaches you to develop the stroke, this training teaches you to develop the swimmer. 

This course will contribute to your level 2 or 3 training. 
You are a level 1 Coach if you take Coach Training 1.0. 
You are a level 2 Coach if you take the Fast Forward Training OR Expert Skills. 
You are a level 3 Coach if you take the Fast Forward Training AND Expert Skills.

TI Fast Forward Coach  training will show you how to use drills and whole stroke activities to create a customized Practice, and how to compose a series of practices and assessment swims into a personalize Path for each student which enable them to achieve their specific swimming goals. 

Learn how to use the Green Zone stroke counts, Tempo, test or assessment swims, training sets based on problem-solving exercises, and Improvement Projects to create customized and personalized training plans for each student. 

The course curriculum includes a series of pre course lessons. If you take the course, please be prepared to complete swim practices, reading assignments, and online discussions ahead of the live course that starts in August.

Pre-Requisites for Becoming a Level 2 & 3 Total Immersion Coach

Once you've gained experience and confidence in your ability to teach nearly any student to swim with more ease and enjoyment with TI techniques and learning methods, you may wish to acquire the knowledge and skill to help swimmers accomplish meaningful goals. In other words to progress from developing the stroke to developing the swimmer.  If so, you are probably a candidate to progress to becoming a Level 2 Total Immersion Coach.

Prerequisites include:
-Have been working as a Level 1 TI Coach for a minimum of 9 months.
-Present two case studies with video analysis to be reviewed by a Master Coach.
-Have assisted on a minimum of 5 Level 1 or 2 workshops.
-Have read two of the following: Mastery by George Leonard, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, Extraordinary Swimming by Terry Laughlin, or Effortless Endurance by Grant Molyneux.
-Submit a recent Baseline Test Swim with self-analysis. 
-Demonstrate an effective 2-Beat Kick, bilateral breathing, and patient, firm Catch-and-Press.