Different Strokes Coach Training Course

15-16 February 2018: Old Windsor, England


Tuition: $1000 USD

Location: St Johns Beaumont, Priest Hill, Old Windsor SL42TG

Prerequisites: This course is for Certified Total Immersion Coaches only. 

Click here for more information on becoming a TI Coach.

Credits: This course earns TI Coaches continuing education credits and the Different Strokes badge upon successful completion. 

Registration: Contact Angela Dorris to register at angela@totalimmersion.net


TI techniques for Different Strokes -- Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke. Or, as we prefer to call them Easy Fly, Easy Back, Easy Breast.


Giving prominent emphasis to ease in how we refer to these strokes means the following:



1. Learning them will be easy. The TI learning sequence for each stroke includes just four steps--each consisting of fairly simple movements. Not only are the movements simple, but you will perform them quite briefly -- for the most part for just 10 to 30 seconds at a time, before taking a breather to receive feedback from the coaches. Brief reps helps keep both mind and muscles fresh, reducing your chances of imprinting struggle or bad habits. By learning this way, you should have the satisfaction of swimming three new, improved strokes by the need of the course -- and have a foundation for Continuous Improvement.


2. Swimming  them will be easy. The skills you will learn in all three strokes follow the same TI Foundations Sequence of Balance --> Streamline --> Propel by which we teach freestyle. You can not only learn with unprecedented speed, you should feel an ease, body control—and, most of all, enjoyment—beyond what you’ve experienced before. Though we call these techniques easy, they represent a highly advanced level of skill. Our primary focus in every stroke is reducing energy waste. Because the world’s best swimmers are also the most energy-efficient, we’ve used their strokes as models for the techniques presented here. The critical skills that win Olympic championships are also emphasized in these sequences.  After learning to swim with ease—and propelled by your vision and commitment to Kaizen or Continuous Improvement--you can accomplish any reasonable goal with these techniques.