On January 30, on the iTunes/iBooks store we’ll release my latest book Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle.  While the original TI book has become the most popular swimming book in history, I believe Ultra-Efficient Freestyle is my best effort, as an author (and ‘explainer-of-swimming’) to date. But I’ll leave that to readers to judge, and I hope you’ll be among them.

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While the book will not be available for order until Jan, 30, you can read a fairly detailed description, see sample pages, and download an excerpt now at this link.

From now until launch date–and probably for some time thereafter–I’ll post a short blog most days with an excerpt. Each will feature one of the many informative lists of thoughts or principles or actions I’ve included in the book.

This first list is excerpted from the Introduction.

Total Immersion’s ultra-efficient Freestyle is distinguished by these characteristics:

  1. It’s immediately and universally recognizable as a standard ‘form’—like yoga asanas. Every ‘signature’ element in TI Freestyle—from the neutral head position, extended bodyline, and symmetrical arm recovery to the 2-Beat Kick—is there for a compelling reason, which the chapters that follow will explain.
  2. It treats the human body as a system in which all parts are intricately inter-related—and thus the actions of all body parts should be seamlessly synchronized.
  3. It’s not ‘naturally occurring.’ Only a tiny number of elites swim this way by innate instinct. For everyone else, TI Freestyle is an learned skill and an intentional action.
  4. However, the striking similarity in form attained by countless thousands of TI enthusiasts worldwide shows that it’s a stroke anyone can learn (including Dr.Paul Lurie who took his first lesson at age 94). It doesn’t require youth, athleticism, or special gifts.
  5. A striking number of those who learn it become passionately curious and improvement-oriented (Kaizen) about swimming.


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