TI Effortless Endurance Weekend Freestyle Workshop:
Danville/San Francisco Bay, CA - Apr. 12-13
 OR Apr. 13-14, 2024


LOCATION: This is a private location with a beautiful lap pool in Danville, CA (East SF Bay). Location and information will be emailed to registered students. The pool is a comfortable 82 degrees, perfect for detailed instruction and filming. 

TUITION: $595.00/person. Two workshops this weekend: OPTION #1: Fri 2-5p/Sat 9-1p; OPTION #2: Sat 2-5p/Sun 9-1p. Workshop #1 and #2 options available at registration, select desired one.  Please see special schedule for extra Zoom classes too.



COACH BIO/CONTACT:  TI Master Coach Stuart McDougal , 818-406-4213, mindbodyandswim@gmail.com

DESCRIPTION: This two-day course takes you through Total Immersion foundational drills and methods for full stroke mechanics, resulting in a freestyle that is faster, easier, and more efficient. We have worked with athletes from beginner to collegiate, Olympian, channel swimmers and pro triathletes.

Max participants: 4-6 swimmers. New and improved workshop format adhering to all Covid CDC recommended safety guidelines. All activities (swim, rehearsals, on-deck video review) will be at an outdoor pool setting. Indoor classroom sessions will be over Zoom. You will be immersed in the following:

1. Cooperate with Gravity - Most swimmers fight gravity trying to stay on top of the water. We teach you to find your natural equilibrium by sinking into weightlessness. Learning to relax into the water breaks the "survival- stroking" cycle, and frees your arms and legs for more efficient use. Learning to access and work with, not against, external forces is the goal. 

2. Take the Path of Least Resistance - Once you understand that you must swim "through the water" -- and mindful that water is almost 800 times denser than air -- we teach you to reshape your entry approach to minimize drag, cutting through the water like a torpedo in good swim posture.  Each stroke moves you farther and faster with less effort while conserving energy.

3. Swim with your Body - Conventional thinking about swimming treats the body as having an “arms department” that pulls you forward and a “legs department” that pushes you forward. In Fishlike Freestyle, you swim with your whole body in coordinated movements. We'll teach you to propel with a simple 2-beat kick, relaxed and rhythmic weight shifts, rather than arm-and-leg churning.   

4. Breathe Easy Once your body is aligned in good posture and stable in the water and easy forward propulsion is achieved, we teach you the mechanics of breathing easily as you swim. No more raising the head to take a breath, exhaustive breathlessness, or worries about choking. The air is free, take all you need, we will show you how.

BASE SCHEDULE (Subject to minor revisions):
*** Please note this workshop will be held in an outdoor pool, heated to approximately 82 degrees ***

Thur Eve, 7:00p: Zoom classroom with both swim groups.

Workshop #1 (Fri & Sat)

    Friday 2p-5p, Saturday 9-1p

Workshop #2 (Sat & Sun)

    Saturday 2p-5p, Sunday 9a-1p

Mon. Eve, 7:00p: Zoom classroom with both groups. Final video review, Q&A

For the classroom: Ultra Efficient Freestyle Users Guide sent to you at registration.  Pen and notepad.

For the pool: An extra suit and towel if you want dry ones for the afternoon swim, an extra pair of goggles.  We recommend that male students wear Speedo-type brief, jammer or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge.  Sunscreen and/or rash guard.

LUNCH:  Bring a light snack and drink, to enjoy during short breaks while reviewing swimmer videos on deck.

LODGING:  There are many hotels in the area.  Sites such as www.hotels.com frequently offer discounts for some of the hotels or resorts.

PANDEMIC TRANSFER/CANCELLATION POLICY: We are in an all new era with Covid-19 and difficult times for all of us. Both swimmers’ and coach’s safety is priority #1. If you become ill and/or test positive the week prior to the workshop, we will transfer you to the next available workshop (positive Covid test result required).  Due to the uncertainties of family/work/health schedules, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING EVENT INSURANCE AT REGISTRATION for a full refund should something unexpected come up.  Due to our limited space and number of swimmers allowed and the pool restrictions, all other cancellation without event insurance  require a minimum of 20 days notice for a 50% refund, the remaining 50% will apply to a future workshop hosted by Mind Body and SWIM up to one-year from the date of the workshop you originally registered for. Again, we highly recommend purchasing event insurance at registration for unexpected life events, illness, injury, travel delays/cancellations, family emergency, Covid outbreak, or any other unforeseen circumstance.

QUESTIONS:  Call Mind Body and Swim at 818-406-4213 or email us at mindbodyandswim@gmail.com