TI Effortless Endurance Weekend Freestyle Workshop:

Los Angeles, CA - May 6-7, 2023


LOCATION: Santa Monica Swim Center, 2225 16th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. DIRECTIONS: Map to SMSC


Venmo: https://account.venmo.com/u/Fiona-Laughlin, or Credit Card: https://buy.stripe.com/bIY4jP80ugvg8kEfYY

: Fiona Laughlin, fionalaughlin@gmail.comSOCIAL MEDIA contact: INSTAGRAM @fionalaughlin_totalimmersion.

ABOUT THE COACH: Founder and Master Coach, Fiona Laughlin.  Fiona is Terry Laughlin's daughter and the first TI coach with Terry since 1989.

DESCRIPTION: This workshop introduces the fundamental skills and three foundations of Total Immersion swimming – balance, streamlining, and stability. You will learn how to swim effortlessly and efficiently in a fun and friendly environment. The workshop includes video analysis and playback, 7 hours of pool time, as well as some classroom time to ask questions and learn about the principles of swimming. The workshop is suitable for people of a wide range of abilities including; longtime swimmers who find themselves stuck on a plateau or who have lost motivation.

1. Cooperate with Gravity - Most swimmers fight gravity trying to stay on top of the water. We teach you to find your natural equilibrium by sinking into weightlessness. Learning to relax into the water breaks the "survival- stroking" cycle, and frees your arms and legs for more efficient use. Learning to access and work with, not against, external forces is the goal. 

2. Take the Path of Least Resistance - Once you understand that you must swim "through the water" -- and mindful that water is almost 800 times denser than air -- we teach you to reshape your entry approach to minimize drag, cutting through the water like a torpedo in good swim posture.  Each stroke moves you farther and faster with less effort while conserving energy.

3. Swim with your Body - Conventional thinking about swimming treats the body as having an “arms department” that pulls you forward and a “legs department” that pushes you forward. In Fishlike Freestyle, you swim with your whole body in coordinated movements. We'll teach you to propel with a simple 2-beat kick, relaxed and rhythmic weight shifts, rather than arm-and-leg churning.   

4. Breathe Easy Once your body is aligned in good posture and stable in the water and easy forward propulsion is achieved, we teach you the mechanics of breathing easily as you swim. No more raising the head to take a breath, exhaustive breathlessness, or worries about choking. The air is free, take all you need, we will show you how.

        • New swimmers who want to develop great habits.
       • Self-coached swimmers who would like expert assessment and advice.
       • Triathletes looking to improve their stoke, use less energy and improve their swim times using less effort.
       • Open Water swimmers looking to improve their stroke and make it more efficient.

During this workshop you'll learn the three foundation skills of effortless distance swimming:

• Balance and Stability: Become 'weightless' by learning to cooperate with gravity instead of fighting it. Learning balance transforms struggle into smoothness and calms churning legs. It also brings the body control and mental calm necessary to learn every skill that follows.

• Sleek and Slippery: Learn to move through water, rather than move it around, by shaping your body to be longer, better aligned, more hydrodynamic; and stroking in ways that minimize waves and turbulence. Slippery swimming means that you travel farther and easier on each stroke.

• Whole Body Propulsion:  Replace churning with effortless power by connecting arm and leg actions to rhythmic, relaxed weight shifts initiated in the core. Instead of generating muscular force you’ll direct 'available' forces of body mass and gravity.

** This workshop is recommended for those who can swim 50 meters or more of crawl stroke/freestyle or who have studied TI skills previously via DVD. The workshop includes expert instruction, individualized feedback and video analysis.

     • The tools to work on a transformed stroke that will let you swim from a mile to a marathon . . . and feel energized afterward.
     • The knowledge and awareness to begin a path of continuous improvement (we call it Kaizen) that can continue for decades.
     • You'll enjoy swimming as never before. And the more you enjoy, the more you’ll practice and the more you'll improve.

 (subject to minor revision)

Sunday April 30, 3:00 pm EST there will be a 60 – 90 minute Zoom with Coach Fiona Laughlin for introductions, orientation and to onboard you to a private chat group for support leading up to and after the class. This is optional but recommended. It is also recommended that you follow Coach Fiona on Instagram @fionalaughlin_totalimmersion and/or on the FaceBook Group “Total Immersion with Fiona Laughlin” because she will be able to answer questions and give support. The Zoom link will be sent to all participants by April 29th.

Saturday, May 6:

10:00 am - 10:50 am    Orientation on sundeck 
11:00 am - 01:00 pm    Pool 
01:15 pm - 02:15 pm    Classroom on sundeck
02:30 pm - 04:00 pm    Pool 

Sunday, May 7:

10:45 am - 10:55 am    Meet on pool deck 
11:00 am - 01:00 pm    Pool 
01:15 pm - 02:15 pm    Classroom on sundeck
02:30 pm - 04:00 pm    Pool 
04:15 pm – 05:00 pm    Sundeck for final video review


For the classroom: A pen/notebook or your favorite note taking device.

For the pool: An extra suit & towel if you want dry ones for the afternoon swim (we recommend), a swim cap (one will be provided), an extra pair of goggles – mirrored goggles are best, but tinted would be good, too. Flip flops or waterproof shoes. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge. Something warm to wear after the swim. A water bottle and light lunch and/or snacks.


CANCELLATION POLICY: No refund will be issued for cancellations less than 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop. For cancellations at least 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop, any monies paid above the $100 deposit will be refunded in full. The $100 deposit per person remains non-refundable, but may be transferred to any future workshop within one year of initial registration. A transfer fee of $100 will apply.