TI Open Water Experience:
Kailua-Kona, HI - 
September 28 - October 2, 2023

*NOTE: This workshop is being offered just before the Kona Women's Ironman.  It's a perfect chance to improve your skills and speed.

TUITION:  $2,800

       •  Expert swim instruction and video analysis
       •  Swim manual, logo cap, and TI safety buoy
       •  Great memories and long lasting friendships!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: email denise@totalimmersion.net for pre-registaration at this time. August 18th, 2023 to allow time for airline and hotel bookings.  *We have a 5 person quota to meet in order to run this camp. Please do NOT make travel arrangements until you have confirmed with denise@totalimmersion.net that enough people have registered. Thank you.


COACHES: A great opportunity to work with TI Master Coach Teresa Seibel and TI Co-founder, Alice Laughlin. (< click on the coach's names to see more extensive bios.)

Teresa Seibel is a Triathlon Coach in Vancouver, Canada.  She is passionate about sharing the love of open water swimming to triathletes, especially those that have a fear of open water or those that learned to swim as an adult.  Her own experience learning to swim as an adult led her to a coaching career. Teresa is on her 7th year of directing the Total Immersion Open Water workshop in Penticton, Canada  (home to Ironman Canada).  She looks forward to bringing her director skills to Kona to work with her fellow coaches.  She wants to give you an experience of a lifetime - learning through instruction, swimming and video analysis.

With the founding of Total Immersion in 1989, Alice Laughlin combined her love of education and marketing with Terry's love of swimming and coaching. Terry’s focus was the development of the WHOLE person, and what is learned from “swimming this practice, this performance, and this race.” Alice was the swimming outreach marketing and sales expert who placed our TI Head Coach in the spotlight. She booked every TI workshop for over 20 years, which coincided with Total Immersion’s largest growth and profit. In 1990, Alice learned to swim the TI method from Terry Laughlin, at one of the first Total Immersion Workshops. Soon after she began coaching these same TI freestyle workshops. She continues to grow, develop her skills, and improve along with the Total Immersion method. Alice teaches kids from age 5 and up and adults from phobic/just learning to swim beginners to triathletes and elite swimmers. Alice has over 25 years of experience in coaching hundreds of Total Immersion workshops, open water camps, TI coach training, as well as private lessons worldwide. She also directs and manages the Total Immersion Swim Studio in New Paltz, NY, where she coaches all ages and all abilities. In addition, she has attended dozens of American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) clinics with Terry Laughlin, when he was a presenter. Alice relates most closely to the quote from the Dalai Lama: "If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life."

Kailua-Kona offers some of the best open water swimming in Hawaii.  Join us for this beginner to intermediate swim camp. The purpose of this camp is to introduce pool swimmers to open water, whether to prepare for your first triathlon or to gain the comfort and confidence to enjoy vacations at the shore.  We will be swimming twice a day in the beautiful blue waters of the Big Island in the quiet town of Kailua- Kona.  Use this time to introduce yourself to open water with a supportive group of swimmers and well experienced coaches.  Each day will include one session on skills and some technique drills and a second session will be an open water swim that will gradually extend as the week progresses.  Each swim session will also include instruction and focal points to help develop a better understanding of swim training. The philosophy here is Kaizen swimming—continuous improvement, by setting your intention at getting better with at least one swim skill by the end of each swim session.  We recognize that nothing is ever perfect, but we will stretch your limits a bit further each day to help build your confidence as you continue to work on your stroke with stroke thoughts.  You will deliberately chose to swim with purpose — to be a better swimmer.  By being better at swimming skills, balance, streamline and propulsion, you have then learned the ability to swim with ease.