A note to those who haven’t been in my practices.

I don’t accept the notion that sprinting is pure animal instinct. I do expect my swimmers to challenge technical habits at stronger rates, to see how their form adjusts to the different hydrodynamics of speed increases, and to replenish focus when their body offers distraction.

Here’s the follow-up to the previous workout that got some nice feedback. To see some of the feedback on any, look me up on facebook at www.facebook.com/distancedave


4 x 200 @ :20 rest
#1 make it pretty
#2 first and last 25 sprint
#3 every other length non-free
#4 strong mile goal pace

4 x 75 @:15
25 strong back, 25 smooth free, 25 smooth back

4 x 100 @ :20
perfect (even drops) descent from mile to sprint

6 x 50
UW/kick or kick/UW

2 x 300 HOOK, LINE, and SINKER
(100 HOOK + 100 LINE + 100 SINKER)
Hook- don’t slap over the water! Slip your arm in and let the hand hang, forming a clean hook. Make the path in sneaky and clean, so slip in early with the leverage of a supporting elbow.
Line- With that hand hanging out (not tense, but forming a loose hook), stretch the body line from wrist to ankle, and hold that position until the sinker kicks in
Sinker- press the pits, drive the hips, don’t let the body roll slowly! Wait until the best moment in order to drive the body to the other edge. Don’t hang out in slow places, so let the lat/hip combo sink you over to the other edge.

4 x 100 IM
25 Hook- keep the palms up to keep the arms in a long, slight hook
25 line- steady pull line through the head to stop crossing and overrotation
25 sinker- fast hands and chest press to undulate properly
25 sprint- get the hips moving more than the legs and go for it!

200 easy