Over the years I have had swimmers who have taken lessons and workshops with me tell me they can hear my voice in their head while practicing. I think there really is nothing that beats the impact of one on one hands-on private lessons, but I have always wished that I could "bottle" myself for swimmers so that they could have my instructions with them and a virtual form of myself as guide with them while swimming. So I decided to create a new TI product by recording a series of audio lessons with the concept being that they could be listened to on any mp3 player but the IDEAL use that I imagined was for people to get a waterproof mp3 player and waterproof headphones (I recommend the jawbone conduction kind as opposed to the ones that go inside the ears for better underwater sound quality) and listen to the lessons WHILE swimming.

     I did the recordings in a professional recording studio in Los Angeles with a friend who is a music producer and it was a real learning experience in how I use my voice. I never realized I had SUCH a New Yawk accent until I heard all of my "ta"s  instead of "to"s and how I speak in a quick New York style staccato. It was fun and frustrating to record and re-record over and over until I got the pacing just right although I am sure some of the lessons probably are spoken faster than others. An interesting learning experience in voice, pacing, tone, breath and accents.

   Check the link here to sample and purchase the lessons. Enjoy!!