The Total Immersion Swim Studio features a warm-water Endless Pool outfitted with underwater video equipment and a flat screen monitor poolside for technique analysis and instant feedback, as well as underwater mirrors. 

TISS also offers instruction in our larger outdoor pool equipped with a Fast Lane current generator from June through September, where we can accommodate larger group lessons and deep water activities.

We have a bathroom and changing area with a shower stall and supplies, as well as a hair dryer. There is a waiting/observation room by the pool with a play area for family and friends to relax in while their student is in lessons.

What is an Endless Pool (EP)?

15 years of experience working in the Endless Pool (EP) has taught us the ins and outs of this great invention. An EP is a small pool with a current – the aquatic equivalent of a treadmill. The current has adjustable speeds ranging from gentle to high chop. With the current on, you can swim or drill in place at a chosen speed.

In the EP, you will learn and practice drills and have your stroke evaluated at a variety of speeds, while the coach stays close by to evaluate, support, and provide hands-on guidance. The EP has an underwater video recording system and mirrors so we can record your stroke, then play it back for immediate technique analysis and feedback.The water is kept at a comfortable 88-91 degrees F, allowing swimmers to focus on instruction without feeling cold. )