TI Expert Skills Freestyle Workshop:
Santa Monica, CA - August 18, 2019


LOCATION: Santa Monica Swim Center, 2225 16th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. The pool is a comfortable 82-84 degrees, perfect for detailed instruction and filming. 

TUITION: $295/person, $265/person if 2-3 register & pay together. Discounts available for LA Tri, OC Tri, SCTM clubs, USMS & USAT 



COACH BIO/CONTACT:  TI Master Coach Stuart McDougal , 818-406-4213, info@mindbodyandswim.com

DESCRIPTION: Freestyle Level 3 Workshop - 2-Beat Kick and Effective Propulsion.  This workshop will put you on the path from efficient to advanced in freestyle by honing Balance, Streamline skills and introducing advanced catch and kick timing, as well as  tempo control skills - “Smart Speed”.  

• Balance:  Establish high, wide recovery that rebalances your vessel and sends its weight and momentum *forward* and tune up core stabilizer muscles. Together these increase comfort, control, and speed, hold a sleek body line during recovery, and strengthen the connection between recovery arm momentum, weight shift and propulsion. 

• Streamline: Keep a longer, lower-drag bodyline as you breathe and swim faster. Control leg-splay and knee-flex to reduce drag, and increase kick-effectiveness. 

• Kick Timing: The 2-Beat Kick (2BK) is an essential skill. It minimizes drag and turbulence and takes virtually no energy, but adds whole-body power to your stroke. The 2BK adds to propulsion by driving your body through rotation into its most streamlined, minimal drag position.  Also, learn elements of the 6- and 4-beat kick that has the same rotational kick as 2-beat kick to connect whole body coordinated movement. 

• Effective Propulsion: Convert Force (horsepower) into Locomotion by (1) Position your extended arm to trap the maximum volume of water; (2) Move your body forward -- rather than move your hand back; and (3) Do both with no arm fatigue.   

Please review the following video: 2 Beat Kick and Effective Propulsion  

PREREQUISITE:  Swimmer should have completed Level-1 Freestyle Workshop or equivalent in private lessons/self coaching. 

SCHEDULE:  Our schedule will be as follows (subject to minor revision):

07:45 am - 08:30 am - Check-in, on deck 2-, 4-, 6-beat kick rehearsals, activating hip/glutes.
08:30 am - 09:30 am - Pool session-1, connecting core/pelvis with rotational kick and integrating into 2- and 6-beat kick patterns 
09:30 am - 10:30 am - Short break, session - 1 film review/analysis, dryland catch and recovery rehearsals.
10:30 am - 11:30 am - Pool session 2
 - catch, recovery connection and timing, creating momentum    
11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Short break, session
 - 2 film review/analysis, dryland breath timing rehearsals
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm - 
Pool session-3, putting it all together, refinement, speed and tempo, seamless breathing
01:30 pm - 02:30 pm - Final review/analysis, question and answer, recap and wrap up. 

For the classroom: Pad and pen for note taking.

For the pool: An extra suit and towel, swim cap and an extra pair of goggles.  We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge.  Sunscreen and /or rash guard

LUNCH:  Bring bag lunch/snack and drink for short breaks between pool sessions and drink. 

LODGING:  There are many hotels in the area.  Sites such as www.hotels.com frequently offer discounts for some of the hotels or resorts.

TRANSFER POLICY: Weekend workshops: If a request to transfer is received 8 days or more prior to the workshop, a $50.00 transfer fee per person will be applied to a future workshop, and the deposit will be credited toward that workshop.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Weekend workshops: NO REFUND will be issued for cancellations LESS THAN 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop. For cancellations at least 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop, any monies paid above the $125 deposit will be refunded in full. The $125 deposit per person remains non-refundable, but may be transferred to any future workshop directed by Mind Body and Swim within one year of initial registration.

QUESTIONS:  Contact Mind Body and Swim at 818-406-4213 or email us at mindbodyandswim.com