Pegeen Laughlin

Yellow Springs, OH

Level 1

Like my brother, TI Founder Terry Laughlin, I’ve swum my whole life. We grew up surrounded by water, with Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean just a short drive from our home. Our dad, an avid swimmer himself, loved to take us to the beach. The Williston Park village pool opened when I was 5 years old. At age 13, I followed Terry onto the community summer team, then continued swimming competitively at Herricks High School. I graduated to long-distance self-guided practice at the University of Northern Colorado, swimming a mile every day in the college pool. I swam regularly throughout my adult years, receiving periodic instruction from Terry. In 2002, at age 45, I took the Total Immersion 1.0 Coach Certification Course to improve my stroke and relationship with the water. I've had regular private training by TI founder Terry Laughlin since then. For the past 14 years I’ve improved my form—and my enjoyment of swimming—continuously. I have taught children and adults in private lessons and group settings. My primary interest is to share my love of swimming and help struggling swimmers experience the pleasure of being in harmony with the water. I teach: * Phobic adults * Improvement-minded swimmers * Fitness and recreational swimmers