James Ewart

West Sussex, Hampshire, London Bridge, United Kingdom

Level 3



I am a certified level 3 Total Immersion Swim Coach. I have been swimming all my life, competitively at school, then masters competitions and triathlons as an adult. Before discovering Total Immersion Swimming my swim sessions consisted of getting as tough a work out as I could. The more exhausted I was the fitter I thought I was becoming. If I swam any distance, I swam with a pull buoy. When all this strain and effort started to take its toll on my shoulders that I looked around for solutions. I tried a number of different coaches and systems but it was only when I found Total Immersion that my swimming changed significantly. Applying Total Immersion technique to my swimming was an epiphany. I enjoy swimming more than I ever did before. It was a natural progression of my own personal development as a TI swimmer to become a coach and share these skills.