Aidy Halimanjaya

Bali, Indonesia

Level 1


Aidy Halimanjaya is a TI coach level 1 who lives in Bali. She is a competitive triathlete in age group category. She is teaching swimming in her swimming studio and resort in Bali called Balitri Home and Studio. When she came to Bali in 2016, she finally decided to build this sports resort and space so that she can share the feeling of being home with many people around the world, especially whose passion for sports is similar to hers. She finds endurance sports – swimming, cycling, and running - as a way to build self-awareness, explore her own physical limits and live up her social life. Until now she is actively contributing to triathlon and cycling communities by teaching people to swim and she is still practicing triathlon and competing in age group category. She wins many national and international triathlon and duathlon competitions since she joined her first triathlon event in 2012 after recovery from her second ACL ligament surgery due to no exercise and lack of muscle support. ​ Through Balitri, she hopes that everyone is able to live their passion and dream to the fullest in life while maintaining their well being. She is still working as a policy advisor and researcher while managing and developing her skills as a swim coach. It is her wish to connect with a like-minded people and it is her pleasure to connect with whoever becoming her guests. For booking please whatsapp +628112288200 For balitri home studio website and some price information: For reviews of swimming lesson in trip advisor: For booking a room in balitri home studio and to try its endless pools: