I’m very excited to debut a new workshop from the Central TI office. We’ll be launching this clinic in Towson, MD, San Francisco, Ca, and Minneapolis, MN but expect more of these soon in many of our most popular locations. Let us know if you think we need one near you! Take a look:

I recently worked with Terry Laughlin on developing a new format for follow-up workshops. This format builds on the TI foundation of form and efficiency and guides the swimmer into further training for speed development at any distance. It will feel more like a workout, and you’ll be given a flash drive with all of our filming and some workouts and development articles on it, too. Because of the level of experience required to lead these workshops, the ratio is slightly higher, but the added materials make this clinic an excellent investment for continued improvement.

The clinic in two weeks is the national debut of this format, and I’m very excited on the development so far. Please consider being part of a new chapter in Total Immersion swimming!

Please note- this clinic opens today, and we expect it to fill quickly! There will be further Level II workshops like this on weekends we are running TI workshops in Towson

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Thank you,
Dave Cameron

Freestyle Made Faster
Three hours (two pool and two classroom sessions)

This intensive supplemental workshop is intended for those who have established an efficiency foundation using a Total Immersion workshop. We’ll review and refine your technique with video analysis, provide personalized focal points for continuing improvement and teach you how to use stroke tempo training for "easy speed" to improve your pace for distances up to and beyond a mile.
TI Master Coach Dave Cameron will film you from multiple angles, to show you the strengths and weaknesses of your form – and how changes in pace affect your form. We’ll also cycle through a menu of focal points and use the Tempo Trainer to show you your specific priorities for speed development within practice sessions. You will leave with a clear plan for improvement and a guide for structuring your own workouts in the future.

All attendees will receive a flash drive filled with practices designed for technical awareness and tempo development with breaking down the stroke, video clips of their stroke at multiple speeds, above and underwater and at different tempos, and articles relevant to their continuing improvement in freestyle speed, grace, and flow.

Note: We will test your ability to maintain efficiency at a range of distances and tempos, some of them challenging. You will be better preparedc if you’ve been in consistent practice for at least 2 to 3 hours per week before the workshop. Because of the volume of filming, additional materials and filming provided, and skill level of coaching required for this clinic, the ratio of swimmer-to-coach is different than that of the weekend workshops.

Cost: $125
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