Give your child the opportunity to learn to love the water, while developing valuable water safety skills! Serving little swimmers from ages 5 years - 12 years, we offer child-paced instruction for new, experienced, or special needs youth. 

Many children struggle to learn much beyond the basics (if that) in large group classes conducted in big, cold pools with abundant sources of distraction. In our lessons, there is no sitting by the side of the pool shivering while you wait your turn to churn up the water with your arms and legs.

At the TISS, we build smiles, confidence, and a healthy relationship with the water through sequenced, age-appropriate steps. We conduct mostly private and small group instruction in a shallow, warm water pool with plenty of one-on-one time.
We strive to assist in creating...

• Ages 5 - 12 yrs only 

• Parents MUST stay on the premises.
• Coaches are fully vaccinated.
• Private bathroom and changing room.
• An ideal environment for learning with warm water and minimal opportunity for distractions.
• Happy swimmers by helping infants and toddlers to acclimate to the water and rediscover instinctive breath-holding techniques.
• Comfortable swimmers by teaching balance and buoyancy.
• Efficient swimmers by teaching alignment and fluid, coordinated movements beginning at 4 or 5.
• Confident swimmers, ready for the swim team from ages 5 and older.
• Each Family will receive a complimentary TI logo silicon swim cap.

All swimmers are unique, and we routinely serve swimmers of all ages (over 5 years) who did not thrive in previous lessons, giving them a new opportunity to discover their potential.

We offer lessons in the privacy of our larger, cooler, deeper outdoor pool in the summer months as well, for those looking to get experience swimming in the “big” pool. For more information on scheduling and prices for youth instruction. Call 914-466-5956.


KID’S PRIVATE PACKAGE (ages 5 yrs – 12 yrs) - 8 lessons, 45 minutes each (6 hours total) - $495


KID’S SEMI-PRIVATE PACKAGE (ages 5 yrs – 12 yrs)  - 2 - kids  - 8 lessons, 45 minutes each (6 hours total) - $450 each student, 2 students max (8 lessons, each 45 minutes for $450 each student, so $900/8 = $112.50 per lesson for 2 kids ($56.25 each child).