Sabine Vollmer

Stuttgart , Germany

Level 3

Streamline Schwimm-Coaching

I started swimming breaststroke as a child in a swimming club. After a knee surgery when I was sixteen the doctors told me to stop swimming, so I did…for 20 years. Then I decided it’s time to go back in the water and start swimming freestyle to build up some fitness. I was trying very hard to swim 1k and was exhausted and frustrated after each training. So I looked for a book about freestyle technique to solve that problem and found TI. Extremely happy about my new way of swimming and excited about the new opportunities, I became a Level 1 TI Coach in 2017 and will continue my education in 2018. I opened my own business Streamline Schwimm-Coaching and love teaching beginners and advanced swimmers of all ages. I do private lessons with video analysis and workshops together with other Coaches. More info on my website