Chicago, IL

Senior Coach Level 2

Chicago Blue Dolphins

(773) 342-7250

Coach John Fitzpatrick John Fitzpatrick is the owner and head coach of Chicago Blue Dolphins, an aquatic fitness business based in downtown Chicago. He was selected "Best Swim Instructor" in "Chicago Magazine’s - Best of Chicago 2006" issue. He has been is a Total Immersion Teaching Professional (TITP) since 2002 and a Director at Total Immersion Weekend Fishlike Freestyle Workshops. He is a member of the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) and an ASCA Certified Level 2 Masters Coach. He has been a competitive swimmer for over thirty years and competes as a Masters swimmer in backstroke, butterfly, and individual medley events. John and his staff of coaches teach Total Immersion in a dual-propulsion Endless Pool at their Swim Studio in the Bucktown area of Chicago. They work with all types of swimmers from age-group, high school, and collegiate competitive swimmers, to triathletes, to Masters swimmers, and to those with no experience in the water at all. They teach and refine all of the strokes privately, semi-privately, and in small group settings. They use underwater and above water video to improve technique, efficiency, and speed. Chicago Blue Dolphins runs 12 large group swim practices for adults in multiple Chicago locations to help bridge the lessons in the Swim Studio to practice and training in pools and open-water.