Francesco Sirna

Beijing, China

Level 2

+86 183 1011 0698

Coach Francesco is an avid swimmer and long-distance triathlete. I originally followed Total Immersion to improve my swimming technique and to successfully complete the open water swimming segment of a triathlon. In the process, I have become a passionate champion of the Total Immersion, including Kaizen (continuous learning and improving) and mindfulness. I adhere to “mindful swimming”—it will change the way you swim and the way you view life. I enjoy teaching beginners, adults, triathletes and those interested in improving their swimming techniques and in swimming longer distances, faster. I am also an IRONMAN certified triathlon coach, working with triathlon clubs. I am a devoted triathlete, participating in many tri events in China. +86 183 1011 0698 WeChat: 18310110698