Fiona Laughlin

New Paltz, NY

Founding Coach, Senior Coach Level 3


“I teach people to have a relationship with water that works for them rather than against them." This is Fiona Laughlin's guiding principle for teaching swimming to swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Besides Terry Laughlin, Fiona Laughlin, Terry's daughter, is the longest running Total Immersion coach. She is a Founder Coach, Master Coach, was trained directly by Terry, assisting him for 10 years before becoming a TI workshop Director at age 22 and then Directing workshops on her own (sometimes with Terry) for another 25 years.  Fiona has coached swimmers of all ability levels and backgrounds: college swimmers, triathletes, age groupers, novice, children, and fitness swimmers, at T.I. camps, college teams, Masters and triathlon teams. After taking up various practices such as yoga, meditation and other energy practices, Fiona and now aims to teach swimming with the more holistic mentality of a yoga or meditation teacher, with a practice aimed at achieving a flow state in the water, in a way that is applicable to any and all swimmers from novice to elite. She cares deeply about making swimming an inclusive, nurturing, safe and empowering environment for all people, especially those who haven't felt comfortable in the traditional swimming world. Her greatest pleasure as a teacher is helping people who have never felt truly at home in the water, or have never felt the full scope of what's possible in the water, accomplish an empowering transformation that shifts their ability to enjoy life in and out of the water.