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David began freestyle swimming later in life. Growing up swimming in lakes and using the side stroke for most of his life, he was a reluctant freestyle swimmer. He discovered he had problems similar to what others experience. Not feeling comfortable in the water, and exhaustion from just short distances. Over the years, he invested in numerous swimming gadgets and endured several ineffective self teaching starts hoping to finally develop a freestyle stroke. Not one to give up, he came across an article from Tim Ferris writing about the affects Total Immersion had on his efforts to swim better. Finding Total Immersion After taking lessons from a TI certified coach and working through the Effortless Endurance Swimming TI course, he came to understand that fitness was not the culprit, but technique. He developed the capability to safely and effectively swim freestyle. He developed several breathing and kicking styles which include a two beat and six beat kick, along with two and four count same side, and three count bilateral breathing. Completing his Total Immersion Coach Training in 2018, he is a Level 1 Total Immersion Coach. With over twenty years in sport teaching, coaching and formal and informal education he is outcome focused. He uses the TI approach with interactive teaching in the pool showing students what to do and how to do it, providing direct feedback with words, signals and video. He empowers his students to be relaxed, comfortable, balanced, and proficient in the water. As a result, they build their competence and develop the confidence to reach their swimming goals. An Invitation David’s journey through TI has provided him knowledge of Total Immersion methodology and practice skills necessary to long lasting and enjoyable swimming. He is excited to share this knowledge and experience with others. He welcomes and invites students from a wide spectrum, from reluctant / fearful swimmers to fitness/recreational and performance minded swimmers to join him to experience the changes achievable in their swimming. Rounding It Out David is a retired businessman and middle school science teacher. He worked as an Interpreter for SC State Parks, and taught and coached tennis. Currently he owns and operates David Guffey Photography specializing in commercial product, and editorial / lifestyle portrait images, as well as, printing and framing fine art products. He has been known to paddle down white water rivers, kite board in Gulf and Atlantic coastal areas, sail around in upstate South Carolina lakes, hike and bike in the Blue Ridge and Southwest Mountains, attend yoga and spin classes, pound the table during physical therapy, and play with his two grandsons, Luke and Michael. David has a Bachelors of Science in Social Work from The University of North Carolina – Greensboro, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. He is married to Marcia Guffey, has a daughter Laura McGinniss, two grandsons and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Contact Information David Guffey Email: mindfulswimming@charter.net Tel: 864 901 7133