Dave Cameron

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Senior Coach Level 3, Coach Trainer, Director of Coaching

(952) 807-3774



As a 20-year veteran of Total Immersion Coaching, Dave Cameron has integrated its methodology and teaching into a wide spectrum of settings for swimmers With a team of excellent contributing coaches. Dave built a youth squad up to over 300 swimmers to a regional and national competitive level, with technical progressions linked to Total Immersion, and mindful coaching mentoring for the largest team of TI Senior Coaches around. Dave also supervised and coaches the largest masters program in his state, with over 150 swimmers learning why they don't need a pull buoy to feel effortless and fast swimming. Introducing swimmers to open water for the largest women's triathlon in North America, starting and leading a program for scholarship, access, and eventual job training for BIPOC youth swimmers, and hosting Total Immersion instructors from around the world for teaching training, coach summits, and continuing education. Recently, Dave has moved to a new facility, allowing more focus on private lessons, clinics and coach mentoring. It also allows him more time for open water swimming, where he has taken his passion for the purity of the sport to multiple solo English Channel Crossings and other marathon swims alone or with similarly-minded swimmers of all ages.