Bob McAdams

Lincoln Park, NJ

Level 2

(973) 628-4889

Coach Bob McAdams Northern New Jersey and surrounding area 973-628-4889 Bob was originally a fitness swimmer, but began training as a competitive swimmer in August of 1996 using the traditional paradigm of "stroke a little faster, push a little harder." Then, in August of 1998, he purchased a copy of the book Total Immersion, and subsequently attended a TI freestyle workshop, where he was introduced to the concept of learning to slip through the water instead of struggling against it.Personally trained by swimming authority Terry Laughlin and three-time Olympic gold medalist Shane Gould, Bob has done online coaching for a number of years through TI's website forum, has coached at TI weekend freestyle workshops, has done 4-stroke coaching through TI's Kid's Camp program, and has authored a number of articles for Total Swim magazine. Bob has been offering private Total Immersion swim coaching through his company, Fambright, since 2004 and has coached swimmers ranging in age from 5 to 74, including beginning and experienced triathletes, competitive swimmers, fitness swimmers, and beginning swimmers.In addition to his Total Immersion training, Bob also has American Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding and first aid and in CPR/AED. Bob continues to actively compete as a U.S. Masters swimmer.