Suzanne Atkinson
Suzanne is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, as well as a certified Triathlon, Cycling and Swimming coach in Pittsburgh, PA. She founded Steel City Endurance, LTD with a desire to teach both technical skills as well as fundamental training principals to triathletes, cyclists and mountaineers. In addition to coaching private athletes, Suzanne organized Pittsburgh's first women's specific cycling team and is the Team Director for Steel City Endurance men's and women's bicycle racing team. She teaches the annual fitness class at the Pittsburgh Mountaineering and Rock Climbing school. Steel City Endurance is currently planning Triathlon Specific Total Immersion style clinics in the Pittsburgh area in addition to offering private swim coaching. Contact Suzanne for details.

Catching Silky Magic

I can’t wait to get into the pool today.  Two days ago I had what felt like a breakthrough swim.  Those days are so exciting and I hardly wanted to get out of the pool.  

I’ve made huge improvements in …

Two Beat Kick – How to Expel Your Demons

I thought I’d share an email I wrote to one of my swimmers. Ironically, this swimmer has a beautiful stroke, very smooth, long, lean, streamlined and little drag formation.  But he’s got two demons that possess his swimming.  His breathing …

4 Stages of Learning How to Swim

4 Stages of Learning (how to swim)

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist ahead of his time.  While his peers examined illness and abnormalcy, he chose to study aspects of health, wellness & peak performance.  He came up with a learning …

Two strokes forward, one stroke back

I have been priveleged to work with two amazing women over the past 2 months.  They are busy, succesful driven ladies who want nothing more than to improve their swim stroke.  They both travel extensively for work and as a …