Coach Gary Fahey
Coach Gary Fahey teaches swimming full time through his Fort Lauderdale-based company, Stroke Doctor Swimming. In 20 years coaching competitive swimmers he has qualified athletes up to the US Olympic Trials level. Gary currently leads Total Immersion freestyle and four-stroke workshops and has been a TI coach since 1998. South Florida’s “Stroke Doctor,” Gary helps multi-sport athletes, novice swimmers (children & adults), competitive swimmers and military personnel build and perfect their skills. Contact Gary at / 954-629-7724.

Your Big Hairy Goal for 400 Meters?

My age group swimmers are competing in the Florida Gold Coast swimming championships this weekend, and it is gratifying to see that the hard work put into technique and training has paid off.  Nico, our top 12 year old boy, …

Stroke, Breathe, Repeat

One of the first things new swimming clients are quick to confide is their inability to breathe to both sides—as if confessing an unconscionable shortcoming.  What usually follows are stories of failed attempts to complete quarter mile swims breathing every …