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Old 12-21-2016
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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Default To drop or not

The dropped elbows are still amongst us in great numbers.
They are not helping you to swim more efficient.

Maybe this focal point is still unknown for some.
Its a crucial part of the chain of movements thats needed to prevent a dropped elbow.
Doesnt matter if you spear shallow or under and angle. The spear always has to be followed with this action.

Hey, Is Thorpe starting with a dropped elbow?

No, he is not gonna let that happen:

The rest is more or less plain sailing, press armpit and shoulder a bit down, keep the elbow up.

Thorpe catches water way upfront with quite some pressure on the water in an awkward shoulder postion.
Most of us better not try to imitate this action to this extend, but the basic actions are the same wheter you spear deeper or not.
Its more about being aware of the basic movement pattern.
If you first copy this basic movement in less extreme angles and little water pressure the basic action is slowly wired in.
In this sense, and maybe far into the learning stage I agree with those who say dont pull, dont pull.
But learn this action without pulling first and decide later how far upfront and how much pressure you want to use later.

This is the first stage. Pulling hard only with the arm after this first action can be useless because the added traction on the water is too much to handle, resulting in dropping the elbow again after this promising start.

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