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Old 06-03-2015
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Default 13 and Stamina.

Just got back get from swimming. I had a lot on my plate to implement today: shoulder mobility exercises, toe flicking to elbow-depth spearing, patient leading arm (with tempo trainer) and general 1 x 25 yard SPL test runs. First, I made one mistake:should have tested done a few SPL tests after patient-leading arm focals.

The elbow-depth spearing was not as challenging to pick up as I thought. Think because I had already progressed from toe-flicking at wrist entry to mid forearm. Of course I have to really drill it in over the next few weeks.

Been working on and off with my tempo trainer. Resumed at 1.41. Did a few unit increments. Did not really feel a "strain". Then I cranked it up to 1.50. I started noticing the following. I would raise my toe/leg slightly before flickering it; torso muscles were sort of struggling but flicker to elbow-deep spearing was easier. The latter was easier to comprehend. The former has to be addressed.

Made the most progress ever. Here's why. My stamina improved suddenly! But then again it did not. At my final temp rate of 1.52, I believe I was coerced into really really really relaxing. Must have done about laps non-stop and was not tired. I have had real issues here. Thought if I perfected my technique, the problem would be done. To no avail. I consider myself fit: run and workout. Could not understand why. Thats partly why someone suggested TI to me in July.

In a nutshell, the stamina was sort of always there. Now back to the mistake. I did a few SPL runs. Takes me two or three attempts to reach my best: 14. I got to 15 on the first. Never happens! I knew I was in for a pleasant surprise. I got to 13. After that I regressed to 14 and stayed there for a few runs. It felt like a different kind of 14 though. Put on my trainer and swam a little more.Took it off and hit 13, 13 and then 12! I wanted a happy ending so I left the pool. I have to admit I did the 12 only by taking 3 breaths. So that may be why.

Like I said, I should have done some SPL runs immediately after I had started kicking to elbow-depth spearing. I would have been able to triangulate what really made the bulk of the difference: if it was that or the extreme 1.50 to 1.52 settings.

One thing is for sure, I plan on enjoying my newly discovered or developed stamina via my tempo trainer. I will probably reset my settings and incorporate the other half of Coach Stuart's hip rotation focal and then eventually pick up at 1.53. I had left this out due to time constraint.

My goal is to be able to do 25 yards in 9 strokes and swim at my green zone of 11 always. I am certain I have the stamina in the bag.

Stillness is the greatest revelation.
-- Lao Tzu
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-- J. Ch__st.
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