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Old 08-12-2011
Alex-SG Alex-SG is offline
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Default BREATHING & TT: Try this....

Are you out of breath because...
a. Your swimming technique is still not good
b. You do not properly inhale/exhale leading to CO2 accumulation
c. You do not have the right level of stamina/endurance
d. ...

In my case I think my technique is good enough (16 strokes per 25m length) and my problem may be b. ... I tend not to exhale and hold my breath.

While training with the TT (Tempo Trainer) this morning I had an idea also inspired by Tommy2000's earlier post.

What I like about TOTAL IMMERSION is the emphasis on Technique DRILLS that can be transferred to the FREESTYLE STROKE.

So here is a possible "BREATHING DRILL".

My TT was set at SR=1.50. This means: Breath, beep1, beep2, beep3, breathe, beep1, beep2, beep3...

I tried the following drill prior to swimming my LAP:
Position both hands on the edge of the pool wall, while keeping a vertical position. Then breathe, exhale under water for 3 beeps, come to the surface again... breathe, go under again for 3 beeps....

After doing this about 20 times, I swam my LAP and as you can imagine my breathing was perfect (INHALE, perfect EXHALE), felt great at the other wall.

This is what TI is all about really: DRILL to teach your body a specific skill, and then mix DRILL + SWIM to transfer that skill to the Stroke.

I want to emphasize the fact that the TT DRILL teaches you...
a. The exact breathing pattern at that specific SR=1.50 rate
b. The exact timing of inhale exhale
c. The exact quantity of air you should inhale... to be able to properly exhale it and avoid CO2 accumulation

Let me know if it works for you. I cannot yet claim I can swim a mile after this... but it could be the beginning of something.... ALEX

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Old 08-22-2011
Alex-SG Alex-SG is offline
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By the way, 1 useful tip...

As you blow bubbles with your TEMPO TRAINER, you may want to "pinch/hold" your nose with your hand. Otherwise after a while water goes inside the nose.
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Old 09-02-2011
jenson1a jenson1a is offline
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Default Breathing and Tempo Trainer

This sounds like something worth trying. Like many others, I am also having with the breathing part. I don't get tired, just out of breath. The funny thing is that prior to TI, I could swim 64 to 80 lengths in a 25 m lap pool with no problem breathing. While I didn't count SR, I would guess it was probably around 30. My time was really slow also--53 to 58 minutes for 80 lengths--no improvement over 5 years!

Now that I started TI, I can do 1 length in 17 to 20 strokes. My time is anywhere from 33 sec to 36 sec. So I am wondering if that is why I am breathless after 1 or 2 lengths.

Anyway, your suggestion is worth trying--I am willing to try almost anything.

Good luck to you
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