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Old 05-16-2013
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Default The aquatic creatures version

Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
Here's Hill Taylor showing how it could be done if the rules were changed.
Really beautiful to watch. So were Suzanne's Misty Hyman videos.
By coincidence I got home a little early and watched this and then headed out to sea on my 14' open ocean paddleboard for a hour and a half up wind then downwind paddle just before dark in a strong onshore front to wash off my work day. About 1k out I past a 5' long sea snake which stuck up it's head and followed me stopping when I did then following me again for 10 min swimming a beautiful horizontal version of Hill and Misty. I stopped again and it stared at me for a minuite before diving down in a beautiful vertical version.

Its really worth learning to do. I learned freestyle without doing any exercises other than superman glide just as a brain exercise. I "got away with it" only because I was in the rare position of having no bad habits because I hadn't swum for so long, but confident if I fell off a boat 10k out to sea I would have made it in. and from other things I have done having Charles prerequisets of proprioception, flexibility feel for water and neuromuscular specific adaption. I've always had a kaizen approach to things and appreciated beautiful movement. I was also only afraid of the water when it had chlorine in it.

I've started to learn butterfly and have the dvd. I'll go 100% opposite this time . The dolphin movement is the first exercise and I could happily do that for years.

I have a friend who had 5 blackbelts in different martial arts by his early 20's then become dissatisfied and spent 20 years in an intense study of the energy side. He showed me various spinal energy exercises that connect you with the 5 elements. Butterfly is the aquatic version of the water element exercise and the air element. Freestyle more like the fire. Breaststroke like earth. Backstroke a combination of earth and fire. The spirit element exercise is a spinning like the whirling dervishes so if you're doing that you have an extreme problem with over rotation. Over all even a short swim of all the strokes reconnects you with nature and all the elements.
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