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Old 08-10-2013
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Default Some Acronyms used in TI-Forums

May be somone will find it useful.

Some known and unknown Acronyms used in TI-Forums

With request for correction, addition and expansion...

2BK: Two Beat Kick
2BH: Two Beat Hip
4BK: Four Beat Kick
6BK: Six Beat Kick
AB: Active Balance
ADHD: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
ADP: Asymmetrical Distance Pyramid
AI: Appreciative Inquiry
ANS: Autonomic Nervous System
AOS: Adult Onset Swimmer
ASAP: As Soon As Possible / contextsensitive also: As Slow As Possible (greatings from John Cage :-) )
ATM: At The Moment
ATP: Asymmetrical Tempo Pyramid (look at
BDNF: Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor
BK: BacKstroke
BPM: Beats Per Minute; sometimes (heart)Beats Per Minute
BR: Body Rotation (Body Roll) / sometimes BReaststroke
BS: BreastStroke / sometimes BacKstroke (contextsensitive)
BSP: Balance-Streamline-Propulsion (-pyramid)
CCC: Coach Certification Course
CEO: Chief Executive Optimist (Terry Laughlin)
CF: Cross Fit (Games)
CFD: Computational Fluid dynamic
CNS: Central Nervous System
COM: Centre Of Mass
COPD: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
CP: Cerebral Palsy
CROS: Cold Rough Open Water Swim/Stroke
CSS: Critical Swim Speed
CSS: Combat Side Stroke (CSS), used by BUDS and SEAL
CSR: Critical Stroke Rate
CST: Comfortable Stroke Time
CT: Choc Top
CTR: Comfortable Tempo Range
DASA: Disabled Athletes Society of America
DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
DP: Dog Paddler (whole Body submerged but head)
DPS: Distance Per Stroke
EC: English Channel
EE: Terry's 1.0 Mastery course "Effortless Endurance"
EF: Easy Freestyle (DVD)
ELR: Elbow-Lead-Recovery
EP: Endless Pool
EVF: Early Vertical Forearm
FB: FeedBack or Facebook
FES: Fitness Education Seminar
FQS: Front Quadrant Swimming
FWIW: For What It's Worth
FG: FistGloves
FL: ButterFLy
FP: Focal Point
FR: FReestyle
FS: FreeStyle
FTT: Fast Tempo Threshold
FYI: For Your Information
GZ: Green Zone
HEC: High Elbow Catch
HIM: Half IronMan
HR: HeartRate
IAP: Intra-Abdominal Pressure
IM: Individual Medley (breast-,backstroke,fly,freestyle). Once found: Ironman
INR: INternal shoulder Rotation (ISR might be better)
IR: Isolated Rotation (drill designed by Charles Coutourier)
ISCA: International Swim Coaches Association
ISR: Have a look at INR
ITBS: Iliotibial Band Syndrome
KPI: Key Performance Inability
LCM: Long Course Meters (50meter)
LCY: Long Course Yards (50yards)
LER: Elbow-Lead-Recovery
LG: LifeGuard
LLR: Laser Lead Rotation
LLP: Laser Lead Position
LSD: Long Slow Distance
LT: Lactate Threshold
LTHR: Lactate Threshold Heart Rate
MAOD: Maximal Accumulated O2 Deficit
MC: MasterCoach
MF: Misleading Feedback -- sometimes MushroomFloat, a very frequent form poster
MGFS: Most Graceful FreeStyle - Shinji's most popular YouTube-video
MLSS: Maximal Lactate Steady State
MP: Michael Phelps
MT: Massage Therapist
MTA: Magic Training Arena.
NAD: No Arm Drill
NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association
NF: No Feedback
NL: Neurologic Limit
NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming
NTEVF: Not Too Early Vertical Forearm
OAD: One Arm Drill
OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OMG: Oh, My God (?)
OR: Olympic Record
OW: Open Water
P: Professional catch Timing (think PCT would be better - Werner)
PB: Personal Best
PC: Politically Correct
PE: Perceived Effort
PEST: Pace-Endurance-Speed-Technique
PM: Private Message
PMF: Perpetual Motion Freestyle (DVD)
PR: Personal Record (same as PB=Personal Best)
PT: Physiotherapy / Physiotherapist
RI: Rest Intervall
ROI: Return On Investment (?)
REM: Retired Elderly Man
ROM: Range Of Motion
RPE: Rating of Perceived Effort (usually scales of numbers like 1 thru 10, but depends on the system)
SAD: Single Arm Drill
SAG: Slide And Glide
SB: Season's Best
SBW: Shallow Water Blackout
SC: Stroke Count (TI: Every spear starts a new stroke; no matter which side | Garmin: Every spear with your watch arm starts a new stroke)
SCM: Short Course Meters (25meter)
SCW: SwimCampWeekend
SCY: Short Course Yards (25 yards)
SDI: Speed Decline Index (?)
SDK: Streamlined Dolphin Kick
SF: SlipFactor
SG: Superman Glide
SGF: Superman Glide Flutter
SL: Stroke Length
SPL: Strokes Per Length (Lap)
SPM: Strokes Per Minute
SPS: Strokes Per Second
SR: Stroke Rate
SRRT: Stroke Rate Ramp Test
SS: Swim Smooth (don't use that careless in a TI forum)
SSR: Sweet Spot Rate
STS: Shelly Taylor Smith
SUP: StandUp Paddle Board
SWB: Shallow Water Blackout
TI: Total Immersion (context sensitive: Also "Total Immersion catch timing" - think TICT would be better, Werner)
TIUK: Total Immersion in United Kingdom
TRX: A set of Special (rubber?)bands for gym training
TT: Tempo Trainer
UEF: Ultra Efficient Freestyle (Terry's comprehensive introduction to TI, two books and 15 videos)
UDK: Under Water Dolphin Kick
UNCO: UnCoordinated stroke (OAD breathing to other side)
UHSP: Universal Human Swim Problem
USAT: USA Triatlon / United States Army Training
USMS: United States Master Swimmers
USRPT: Ultra Short Race Pace Training
VK: Vertcal Kick
VO2max: Maximal Oxygen consumption/uptake (maximal aerobic capacity)
VT2: Ventilatory Threshold 2 (popular: Speed limit for getting out of breath)
WCF / WC factor: Wingspan Conversion Factor--ratio of wingspan to height
WS: WingSpan
ZT: ZenTurtle, one of the most frequent forum posters


Best regards,

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