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Old 12-04-2012
Swimmingness Swimmingness is offline
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Default I walked the pool

The officials said they would DQ me if I did not swim but when they realized I really did not know how to swim they just had me wait to the end of the pool event and let me walk it. I did have to wave my arms like I was trying to "swim". The last 2 laps were in the deep end and I pulled myself on the ropey divider things.

At age 50, I still finished 126/300. #3 for my age group (Lane Buddy in Master's class pointed out there was no one in 4th place). My Lane Buddy was also the scrub tech on my heart cath...really!

Then I found Terry and Co! I showed up at my Free Style Workshop with my Scuba Diving fins all ready for the deep end of the pool...really!

Current goal, swim where feet do not touch bottom.
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Old 12-11-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Default A Time in the book

Not my first event but today I managed my first olympic distance training but in reverse run-bike-swim

felt really great throughout, tried to keep the intensity low, set a new personal best for a 10K run as I am super cautious (but steady) with increasing pace on that section. Spent the bike section watching the series summary of real housewives or new jersey (only english program on offer) and then plodded through the swim but imposed alternate 10 lengths of breathing to the bad side.

The real fun starts now when I see how I feel the rest of the day.
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Old 09-19-2013
KRjacko KRjacko is offline
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Default London Triathlon, July 27. 2013

Another step closer to Cairns
Not too long ago I walked out of a local triathlon club training session red-faced with embarrassment and with the coach's well-meant honesty fuelling the fire in my cheeks. "You're a survival swimmer. If you fell in a lake you'd probably make it to the edge. But this is an athletic club. We will improve someone's swimming, but we're not here to teach you to swim."*
And he was right, of course. I could barely manage one length of a 22-metre pool while the lads and lasses around me hammered out length after length.*I've helped out as a volunteer at club events since then, but I've never shown my face back at the pool.
Yesterday, a few months down the line, I stood knock-kneed with nerves among more than 2,000 athletes, all of whom suddenly looked like heroic Olympians - and threw myself into the Thames for the start of the 2013 London Triathlon! The course was a straight up'n'down 750 metres, farther than I had ever swam before unassisted and I had only vague hopes of making it to the finish under my own steam and not being hauled about a rescue raft or towed to the river bank by one of the lifeguard canoes.
In just about my last practice swim before the event, just over 700m had taken me 40 minutes. Yesterday, as I gratefully clasped the arm of a smiling volunteer and hauled myself on to the finish ramp, the clock said I had managed the full 750m in just over 25 minutes.*
An hour and 20 minutes later I was hugging my dad at the finish line with a first triathlon finisher's medal around my neck. Happy days! After the swim came a 20km cycle (43min) and 5km run (28min). Add to that about 10 minutes total in transition for a debut time of 1hr 48mins.*
I actually thought I'd be faster on the bike and run, but in the circumstances I'm happy enough as I comfortably beat my target of 2hrs and had neglected the cycling and run in the weeks leading up to the event as I was so anxious about the swim.
A massed swim start is something to behold. Stick several hundred people in a big washing machine and hit the spin cycle and you have a good idea of what it was like. As it happened my swim was fairly hassle free. Mostly because "The Mass" had fucked off halfway down the Thames before I had even got my goggles on the right way up!*
Six months ago I was a long way from ever thinking I'd make it to a triathlon start line. I didn't even have a bicycle and my swimming skills had been brutally and publicly exposed as a bit lacking!
So one morning I found myself clambering into the giant tub that is the Endless Pool in the new studio of former triathlete and now swimming coach Toby Haddock. After seeing me do my thing for a few minutes he scratched his chin and said: "You're what we call a survival swimmer. . . " "So I've been told. What can you do about it." "Everything," he said.
Under Toby's weekly guidance I learned the principles and techniques of Total Immersion swimming. An elegant, efficient style ideally suited to long- distance swimming.
Long-distance. Have I mentioned at all that I plan to take on the monster of endurance sport that is a long-distance triathlon? No? I've not mentioned in passing that in 2015 I will popping over to Cairns in Australia for Ironman? Hmm, thought I'd told a few people about it!
To compare it to yesterday's sprint distance, instead of 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run; Ironman is a 2.4mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run. One after the other. The same day.*
At the moment my mind refuses to compute those kinds of distances and the level of fitness required. But it was only a few months ago I thought the same about the London Triathlon as filled in the entry form and shelled out good money for would probably end up as little more than an exciting ride in a lifeboat!*
But I'm stubborn. And for a middle-aged desk jockey I've got quite a good engine. A noisy, polluting diesel engine that isn't fast or sleek - but just keeps chugging along despite being filled with crap every day! I'm like an oil tanker or old locomotive - I won't win any prizes but one I get going I take quite a bit of stopping!
And yesterday's achievement, although barely a footnote to the weekend event itself, has removed the biggest obstacle: Self-doubt. I know now after four marathons and this triathlon I CAN push myself enough to reach my goals. The difference now is e size of the push required to conquer Cairns!
Have I mentioned I fancy a stab at Ironman Cairns? You sure? I'll tell you about it some time.
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Old 02-22-2016
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Default First Triathlon - Indoor Sprint

I just did my first triathlon which was an indoor sprint at the local YMCA (800 yd/12 mi/3.1mi).

I am now 48 years old and although I had been a competitive swimmer as a kid through about junior high with our neighborhood swim club, I hadn't been doing any kind of fitness swimming, let alone competitive swimming since so that's about a 34 year hiatus. As a kid, my longest race was a 200 free.

Fast forward to about 8 months ago when I thought about doing a tri so I started doing two one-hour sessions a week at the pool to get in shape. While I was able to wake up my muscle memory to again swim halfway decent, I found that I could not achieve a relaxed pace that I could maintain in a sustainable manner. I think Terry refers to it as the equivalent of walking in the pool.

Somewhere online, I came across some of Terry's videos on Total Immersion and it really made sense to me so I tried to incorporate these techniques into my stroke. I found out how to achieve balance and to be able to maintain a sustainable pace so I can keep going for longer and longer periods of time in an efficient manner.

I found that I did have to break some bad habits and unlearn several things that I needed to get rid of to apply the TI approach. I brought my stroke count down and my speed up, al while being able to save my legs for the bike and run. As I approached the date of the race, I did several test swims at the race length of 800 yards. I had a target time I wanted to hit for the race. I was shooting for a 1:33/100 pace.

The race was yesterday and we ran in multiple heats consisting of both individuals and relay teams. There were 18 individuals and 6 additional teams and I know that about 25 percent or more of the field consisted of seasoned triathletes who had done either half and/or full IMs. I was in the third heat and swam in the lane next to the friend who encouraged me to sign up.

I had several things I wanted to focus on throughout the race as I do in my practice sessions but I know that with the excitement, I tended to lose focus from time to time and I had to force myself to go back to what I had been practicing so I would not revert to old habits. When I did my final touch, I was surprised when they told me my time was nearly half a minute faster than my target. I came in at 11:57 or just under 1:30 pace.

I found out later that day that I had also clocked the best swim time, even including the swimmers in the relay teams and for that I earned a medal.

I didn't fare as well on the bike, in part because we were on spin bikes that I was unfamiliar with and it was basically a high RPM, no resistance contest that bore little resemblance to my bike training so I ended up giving up about 11 minutes to the top guy on that leg and was toasted when it came to the run and that resulted in being 2 minutes off of my target run time. Nonetheless, with the strong swim, I was still able to manage a 4th place finish among the men.

Being that this was my first attempt, I can live with that.
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