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Old 08-16-2011
russellw russellw is offline
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Default Exhale..... how to do it ????

Hi all,

I have read a lot about forcing the last 20% or so of air out of my lungs in time to create the "vacum" that will let new air naturally flow in.

Well, this may seem a daft thing to ask.. but how do YOU do this ????

As i sit here now, i contract my chest/ribs to force air out, then air flows in without having to gulp or gasp for air. Am i doing this right ???? Should i take this concept into the pool ???

Why i ask, is because if i tense my chest area, then am i not RELAXED....., which is the prime aim of TI ???

I am struggling with breathing, especially on the exhale and getting all of the "bad" air out. Due to this problem, i am taking more air in than i should be..., it is more of a "gulp" of air instead of a passive air flow.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated !
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Old 08-17-2011
millertime millertime is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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I think your intuition is correct - attempting to exhale ALL of your air causes tension. That would be a very unusual and uncomfortable way to breathe on land, and I can't see any good reason why it should be recommended in water.
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Old 08-29-2011
Zoner Zoner is offline
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Russellw, I couldn't thrash my way to half a lap 6 months ago. Then I studied TI and viewed many other videos on how to swim front crawl. When I finally got it enough to stroke somewhat proper, I had an unbelievably tough time with breathing. I could make it to the other side but was completely exhausted. I wrote in and asked questions, but other than trial and error and many hours in the pool, I wasn't finding the answer. People were telling me all sorts of things but my interpretation was lacking. I can only tell you now that until I forced my head down further into the water, breathing was tough. But slow but sure, the hours in the pool made me more relaxed and better balanced. Until that happens everyone struggles. I breathe only to one side for now but usually inhahle once every 4 strokes. On occassion I'll sneak in a 2 stroke breath and then back to 4's. My aha moment was when I tried exhaling most of the early phase out my mouth slowly and then added the final "out the nose" exhale as I was turning to air. I now know that every time I breathe, my last bit of exhale is through my nose where I actually feel the spray of the water as I'm just above the surface. Its quite amazing how much you can sense about the whole swimming experience if you stay in the moment. It felt like I'd never get to this point but I did and so will you. Keep splashing around the best you can and keep the word fun in your head. I had some down days in there early but now many more positive ones. Hope what helped me turns a switch on for you. Good luck.
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