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Old 12-01-2013
azamy azamy is offline
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Default My Swimmers' 100m Freestyle

Fellow TI'ers,

I am sure many of you know (from Terry's blog) that I am a self coached TI swimmer in Herat, Afghanistan. Last year in October I started coaching a small team of swimmers in Herat city. These guys knew nothing about swimming. They had learned to swim traditionally only not to drown and they could just swing their arms. I had a huge task ahead of me so I had to start with them from the basics. Thanks to TI! I started teaching them what I had learned from the self coached DVD, the book ESFE (Extraordinary Swimming for Everybody) and these forums.

Few weeks ago in one of our practice sessions I asked them to swim a 100m free - the fastest they can and asked a colleague to film. The video is not as good but it will give you a glimpse how much they have improved in a year.

I must mention that:

1. We trained only 3 sessions a week, 2 hours each session = 6 hours a week.
2. They haven't yet mastered flip turns - we are working on them.
3. They are not using TTs
4. They are all in their 20s - late starters.

The guy who filmed forgot to cover the other two. These are my best swimmers. Do you guys think their current level - training for a year is good? If yes it is all TI magic.

I am beginning to learn slowly about swimming after teaching it!

Here's the clip:
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Old 12-01-2013
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Very Impressive!
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
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Coach of 5 time USA Triathlon Triathlete of the Year, Kirsten Sass
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Old 12-02-2013
Talvi Talvi is offline
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Originally Posted by azamy View Post
4. They are all in their 20s - late starters.
I am beginning to learn slowly about swimming after teaching it!
That's late?!?! Sixty is late mate! :D (but I know what you mean)

Maybe there's a saying somewhere along the lines of: "When the teacher is ready the student will appear". If not then now there is!

Enjoy! :)
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Old 12-02-2013
Osmond Osmond is offline
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Great job!
I agree 20 is not late.... as long as your're upright it's never to late!
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