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Old 01-14-2013
CharlesCouturier CharlesCouturier is offline
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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
One way to find out!
Indeed... just one :)

What I actually meant with this feed back, is that at 1.5, the delay between each leg kick is such that it'd be difficult to restrict the knee bend more than he actually does.
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Old 01-15-2013
azamy azamy is offline
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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
Azamy, based on your clip posted not long ago, I doubt that your leg kick action

1. would cause any excessive drag resistance due to bending the knees
2. that your leg action be faulty in any way

I really like what you do with your leg kick. Is it enough to guarantee the best possible body position? That I don't know. But the way your legs move is fine.

That though, applies to the context of your clip, ie extremely low rate swimming (close to 1.5). How would this leg kick would look like at 1.0, that I don't know.
Thanks Charles,

I think that is a very good point that I missed myself, the stroke rate is low in that clip as you said. I have a TT pro but because this pool is very small I just don't get in the rhythm using the TT. Next session I will take it to the pool and see how it goes at 1.0 I shall report back with a clip.

@ Richard
Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
Hi azamy

Dari harf mizani? Man yek kam farsi mizanam.

Your swimming looks very promising but I think you have a slight tendency to raise your chin.
Bale man dari harf mizanam. Az en ki shuma farsi balad hasten khaili khush hal shudam :)

Thank you for pointing out the raised chin issue. Actually it was not like this, I am pretty much used to leaving the head neutral and look down but because I had so many accidents in the recent sessions (other people that I won't call swimmers would just not respect a lap swimmer and swim in any direction, the collisions are very frustrating and sometimes painful) now I look forward instead of looking at the pool bed to avoid any collisions. The sad part is you do something a number of times and it becomes a habit :s
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Old 01-15-2013
Richardsk Richardsk is offline
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Hi azamy

Yes. I can relate to the raised head to avoid collisions. We only have lane swimming at our local pool on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the other days are free for all, sometimes with people swimming in all possible directions and kids standing on their hands in the shallow end. For some reason, even if the pool is nearly empty, which sometimes happens, and there is plenty of room for others to swim without getting in your way, the next swimmer to arrive is nearly always someone who thinks they should swim in the same space you are swimming in. Very strange!

Man bayad dobare farsi yad begiram!
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