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Old 09-05-2014
Puff Puff is offline
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Hi, some news about me. I’M AN IRONMAN. Yes, I am a finisher to the IronMan Mt-Tremblant 2014 (August 17).

Big thank’s to Therry, Suzann... and Total Immersion. 20 month’s ago I was’nt able to swim more than 15 meters. Total Immersion help me to reach my goal. So, on august 17, I was on the beach with 2600 other triathlete. I’m prood to tell you I had finish the swim part in the first 30% of all the triathlete, with a time of 1h14...and it was very easy. My tempo trainer was at 54 spm. If I compare my result for the 3 sports (as per my age group and all the triathlete), my best performance was for the swim part’s ... amazing

To reach that goal, I just follow what Terry told me when I met him at Montreal... ‘’swim with at a low pace stroke, keep your balance, keep a low stroke per lengt and add the tempo gradually.’’ Add to that, reviewing a lot of total immersion video help me to kept a good technic.

So, big thank’s for your help, and I’m very prood to tell everyone: ‘’I swim with Total Immersion method’’ I am the’s work’’

Tomorrow morning I will be on the beach to take part to the ‘Montreal Half Esprit triathlon’ (half Ironman distance)....with a big smile on my face I will know: the swim part will be the easiest of the day :-)

Special thank's to Charles who help me too.

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Old 09-05-2014
terry terry is offline
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Great news Pierre. Congratulations on your accomplishment and the smart and thoughtful approach you used. Simpler is better, as you've learned.
By simple, I mean:
1. Cultivate (traveling 60% or more of height on each arm stroke while in the pool), relaxed and efficient stroke. How long? Use the TI Green Zone to calculate the SPL that lets you travel 60% or more of your height on each arm stroke.
2. When that stroke length feels comfortable, familiar and consistent, then focus your practice on two things
(a) Continually make small refinement to efficiency and 'encode' them in your brain so your best pool form becomes resistant to breakdown in the situations you encounter in an open water swim leg; and
(b) Patiently adapt your neuromuscular system to small increases in tempo and/or distance--while maintaining the inherent efficiency (distance traveled and ease) of your stroke.

You did that and in 20 months progressed from swimming only 15m to swimming 3800m in the top 30% of an IM field.

How many people (outside of TI) can boast of such fantastic progress?
Terry Laughlin
Head Coach & Chief Executive Optimist

May your laps be as happy as mine.

My TI Story
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