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Old 08-11-2018
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mushroom float wrote

Yes but the key point i took away was one of not putting focus on lowside as all thas available there is muscle power but switch focus to highside where gravity augments any movement from here.

"Strong and stable shoulderblade on the lowside,relaxed and mobile shoulderblade on the highside"

Obv this is extreme statue of liberty

stratcoupling across the upper back and we enter "float & paddle" ie kayak windmill etc

Yeah, I also believe in the effectiveness of concentrating on the highside for a change.

In fact, I had a great swim this week doing exactly that. Going forward pretty well.
Better than before, when I tried this focal point earlier. Why was it more effective now?
I have been concentrating on having an as good and stable paddle on the low side as possible last months. Stretching out and prying my arm over the imaginary edge as far forward as possible, and focus on the patient arm idea like described in the article about thorpes stroke.This combined with keeping the low side stable and aligned whne shoving forward with little noodling of the body.
Now that movement has been ingrained a bit its more a habit and I can rely on that anchor without too much thougt.
When I add the high side forward throwing thing to this stable anchor its much more effective, than when adding this power to a collapsing slipping paddle and a sloppy body.
Thats why they use a handpaddle in the catch and throw drill.
The better the anchor, the more effective is the throwing action.
Action = reaction, and the reactionforce on the water is transfered the most efficient if the drag is highest with a big surface area.

Plant your arm and swing your body around it
Nataly Coughlin

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