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Old 08-28-2009
atreides atreides is offline
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Originally Posted by Leif View Post
I just got out of the pool trying to work on my breathing. When I breathe it throws my whole rhythm off. It seems that I don’t clear the water early enough to get air in. In order to breath I pause at the point when my pulling hand reaches my hip. Because of that I lose speed, my legs start sinking and I over rotate. What drill can I do to practice the right timing for breathing.
Its hard to know what is causing this without seeing video. But when I had the problem it had to do with vertical balance, rotation, and recovery. Here's what I did:

1. Rotation: You can always over rotate but that's no the answer. Rather when you rotate and you are not rolling to air that points out another problem which is

2. Recovery: I found that in an effort to generate momentum I was spearing to forcefully. Try letting your hands drop into the water and then extending them. This will keep them from submerging your upper body when spearing. When I did this the effect was immediate.

3. Finally you may want to check your kick. First you legs should be pretty close together and if you use a 2BK, it should be a flick close to the surface. Don't overkick as I believe that can provide drag and pull your backside down

You have to figure what you are doing to put you lower in the water. Remember breathing should be done in addition to, not in lieu of the other things that you do. When you rotate left (assuming you breathe to your right) you should have already started your catch. Your catch and rotation should be integrated because the rotation is what is really supplying the power behind the stroke. By the time you are in mid pull, your mouth should be rotated out of the water. This is also when you are at maximum acceleration because of the pull. If you time it right, you could breathe all the way through your pull although I don't advise it (although I used to do it).
If you are breathing after you finish your pull then no wonder you are stopping. If I had to guess, you're breathing so late because you are not confident you are high enough in the water until you have finished your pull.
Do the other things that I talked about to make sure you stay high and then breathe earlier in the cycle.
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Old 08-29-2009
Leif Leif is offline
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Thanks Atreides!
What exactly do you mean by rolling to air not rotating? I'll be in the pool again tomorrow morning and focus on what you described. I think you are correct with the forcefull spearing. I think my kick is ok but I will ask my buddy to take a look. Maybe he can take a short video as well.
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